Valentine's Day Poems and Poetry

Heart Rose Petal

These Valentine's Day Poems are a way to show and celebrate true love and friendship.

They can be used on other appropriate occasions as well, in greeting cards and messages.

While we celebrate the traditions, cards, gifts, chocolates, it is useful to reflect on the true meaning of love.

What is on the inside is more important than what is seen on the outside.

What is Valentine's Day? - When is Valentine's Day?

Some reflections on the day and the meaning of Valentine's Day.

Who is Saint Valentine?

Some thoughts on marriage, friendship, true love, giving, gratitude, and more.

More than 60 "Roses are Red" Poems and Verses

These verses can be used on Valentine's Day ... and other special occasions as well.

This collection was first written in May 2012, and finally got published almost 11 years later in February 2023 with some revisions.

I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration in these many verses.

14 Short Valentine's Day Limerick Poems

These 14 Valentine poems follow the rhyming pattern of limericks.

Some are sweet, short, or even funny.

This was my first attempt working with this type of poetry.

19 More Short Valentine's Day Limerick Poems

Here are 19 more short Valentine poems follow the rhyming pattern of limericks.

Some are sweet, cute, romantic, or even funny.

A Simple Love Poem for Valentine's Day

This simple love poem for Valentine's Day is a 13 verse poem with an interesting twist about being "miserably happy."

I also tell the story of the inspiration to write this poem.


"Before Marriage" Funny Valentine's Day Poem

When in love, talk is cheap. But don't make promises you can't keep.

Humorous verses about little promises - too easily broken.

"After Marriage" Funny Valentine's Day Poem

Life has its ups and downs - little joys, little sorrows.

Not all goes well in love and marriage. Sweet turns sour, hills become mountains, the sun hides, storm clouds gather.

This can make you stronger - your love deeper.

Love is the Language of Heaven

While we celebrate Valentines Day here on earth, it is also very appropriate to look to Heaven.

The seed of true love here on earth is meant to blossom forever in Heaven.

We hope that many of our ancestors are joined in the Heavenly family of love.

We hope that we will also join with the great family of love in Heaven at the end of our work and purpose here on earth.

The Source of True Love

God our Creator is the Source of all true love.

The Holy Trinity (Three in One - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is in itself a Family of Love.

We reflect on the Love of our Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit of Love.

Thank you, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for your eternal and infinite love!

Thank your stars!

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