Christmas Poems,
Stories, Customs, and Traditions

Christmas Nativity Scene - Mary and Child in Manger
Christmas poems, stories, customs, and traditions - these memories bring joy to young and old alike.

Christmas poems are one of the finest customs that probably gets the most mileage.

We find them in Christmas cards.

The best of them have been set to music, sung for generations, and have gone around the world as Christmas carols!

We give our congratulations to the most blessed among all women - Mary - becoming the Mother and giving birth to the Holy Christ Child - Jesus.

We give our congratulations also to Joseph, the good and holy just man, who was privileged to become the foster father, guardian, and protector of Mary and Her Child, as a representative on earth of God the Father to His beloved Son Jesus.

Christmas poems and carols are a great way to celebrate this most important event.

3 Christmas Poems for Children

The Sounds of Christmas tells what the people say and the sounds of the animals in the Christmas Nativity Scene - Joseph, Mary, Shepherds, Wise Men, angel, sheep, cow, donkey, camel, and the child.

Also a poem about Mary's welcome, and a poem why an angel or star is put on top the Christmas tree.

10 Christmas Poems for Church and Church Bulletins

Of course, they're not just for church. Anyone can read, enjoy and use these poems.

There's poems for church-goers. There's "interviews" with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and wise men.

Have you ever thought that it's unfair you couldn't choose your parents like Jesus did? "Lucky Jesus" gives you some answers!

3 Epiphany Poems

Epiphany comes in the Christmas season. It celebrates the coming of the Wise Men to Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

One of these poems is a Christmas interview with the Wise Men.

Then there are poems about the star that led them to Bethlehem, and the gifts they gave the newborn king.

Inspirational Christmas Poems - Christmas Past, Present, and Future

This is a trilogy of 3 inspirational Christmas poems, which I wrote during the 12 Days of Christmas, and posted on January 6th.

They are short enough to be suitable for a Christmas card poem.

The last one is also suitable when feeling the loss of a loved one during the Christmas season.

More Religious Christmas Poems

These 2 inspirational religious Christmas poems are short and suitable for Christmas cards. One is "Christmas Blessing."

The other is "You'll be Okay." Not everyone will have a merry Christmas. This one is especially for those hurting, grieving a loss, or enduring a trial during the holidays. This poem can be used year 'round.

I also tell the story of a special Christmas custom in our family.

Short Christmas Poem - My Christmas Gift Prayer

This short Christmas poem is adapted from a longer Advent poem.

Are you hurting? Is this a painful time of year for you? Do you have painful memories? Are you missing loved ones?

Then this short poem, and a story about my mother's last Christmas card and letter she sent me, is written especially for you.

Why do we Celebrate Christmas?

Things can get real hectic around Christmas. It's easy to get way too busy.

Holiday rush, shopping, vacations, decorations, dinners, parties, vacations - not to mention cards, gifts and presents.

It's time to slow down. Discover the why.

Christmas Ideas for Kids - Ideas for Church Christmas Play

A great Christmas custom is a play.

One year, the children in the neighborhood asked for it, and they got it!

They chose their parts, there was no script, they had a few props and costumes, and the porch was the stage. And then a huge yellow star came down the street!

Our Christmas in July was a smashing success!

A Christmas Short Story - "The Littlest Star"

An original Christmas short story with 13 short chapters, and an appendix, based on the bible story with lots of imagination and inspiration !

Gather the family, sip your drink, and enjoy.

Boxing Day Tradition - Meaning of Boxing Day

The Boxing Day holiday is a unique Christmas custom in many countries. What is Boxing Day? When is Boxing Day? Learn the origins, definition, history, and meaning of Boxing Day.

And more importantly, learn about the true spirit of giving during the Christmas Season and the 12 Days of Christmas.

Generosity pays, and God blesses us even if we have very little to give.

Christmas Customs for You and Your Family

There's so many beautiful Christmas traditions, it's hard to keep up with them all. You don't have to.

Even if you're adventurous, don't go overboard. Just try one or 2 new things at a time.

If you're starting a family, talk over with each other what customs and traditions from you parents, and when you were growing up, that you want to keep.

It's impossible to keep all the traditions of our parents and grandparents. So choose the important ones that are most meaningful.

As we - and the children - grow older, going through the many changes of life, you can always adopt or create new traditions.

So don't be afraid to choose what's a better fit for you and your family.

Keep it Simple

One Christmas tradition I keep every once in a while - when I remember it - comes from home when I was growing up. We ate sardines and crackers on Christmas Eve. Which, by the way, because we were poor, was quite a treat. Dad would open the can while we all looked on. I still remember the fishy smell and salty taste.

As the years have gone by, I've kept this tradition some years, when I remember.

And if I don't have a can of sardines handy, or if I forget, I don't fret.

There's other things far more important, like ...

Jesus is born.

Thank your stars!

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