Ascension Thursday
Poems and Thoughts about Heaven

Ascension Thursday is 40 days after Easter. It is a very important feast-day in the church, because it is the day Jesus went to heaven.

It is a great reminder of heaven, where we should all plan to go.

Heaven is forever. And from heaven, we shall see that our time on earth is but a "speck and a flash", maybe about 2 seconds long!

The choices we make on earth have great consequences for all eternity.

Many people say they want to go to heaven. But are they doing what it takes?

When is Ascension Day?

Ascension Thursday is 40 days after Easter. Easter is a movable feast, so the Ascension lands on a different day each year.

Learn how to figure it out, or simply use the chart!

For us, it was always a free day from school, time for hikes, drives, picnics in lovely Spring weather, after starting with church services and prayers..

3 Poems about Heaven

These are 3 poems about heaven.

The last one is a bit funny. It is also the longest poem I have written so far - 40 verses!

Thoughts on Heaven - Another Poem - Then Something for You

This link goes to a special page. It starts with a short poem, "Is Heaven Real?"

Then some food for thought - from a very special person !

Ascension Definition - Jesus In Heaven

Learn about the ascension from the Old and New Testaments, the simple bible story of Jesus' Ascension.

Jesus shows us what our true destiny is. Jesus is now in heaven preparing many mansions for us.

Going up to Heaven

Jesus went to heaven, in the presence of many witnesses, to show us that heaven is our true destiny - our everlasting home.

Elias also went to heaven, but the difference is this. He was taken up in a fiery chariot by the power of God.

Jesus went to heaven under his own power, because he is God.

Ascension Thursday - Say Hello to Heaven

The Feast of the Ascension is a good day to reflect on and meditate on the concept of heaven. It's where we are headed - or we better be.

God want us to be happy with him in heaven.

It would be a dreadful mistake to miss the boat on this one, to waste time, energy and talent in pursuing worldly and selfish concerns, and waste the whole purpose and meaning in life.

And then to forever endure a living death of constant frustration and torture.

Heaven - Our True Home

No, we were meant for heaven, we were designed and "wired" for heaven, our true home, our final destination in the family of God.

After a brief life of service to God and neighbor here on earth, heaven will be our ultimate success and fulfillment.

God will most graciously and generously reward us as a token of his appreciation for our service.

In return, we will be happy to express our deepest gratitude forever, for so many gifts and favors we do not deserve.

Thank your stars!

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