The Star Mary
One of the Greatest Stars
in Heaven and Here on Earth

The Star Mary

Mary is one of the brightest stars shining in heaven and on earth.

To Mary has been applied the title "Morning Star" - in the last book of the Holy Bible, Revelations 2:28.

Some people say this refers to Jesus, who calls himself the bright morning star in Revelations 22:16.

But in this verse (2:28) it is Jesus who is saying he will give the morning star, which from the earliest church history, has been understood to be Jesus' mother Mary, who brings in the dawn of our redemption and salvation.

This website,, is dedicated to Mary,
and is under Her powerful protection.

Mary has been called "The Star of the Sea" in poetry and preaching.

Mary is the star that brings the ship of our life, through the darkness and evil of this world in this life, safely to land in the eternal life of Heaven.

Many images of Mary - some of them very old - show one or more stars on or around Mary.

Many of these images are ancient and historic, artistic and beautiful.

They have been - and continue to be - treasured, cherished, reverenced, and honored by thousands of pilgrims over the centuries.

Many of them are miraculous, because of their origin, preservation and protection in time of danger, and the thousands of miraculous conversions and healings that have taken place.

Through the devotion of honoring the presence of Mary in Her images, thousands of people have received miracles, conversions, and healing.

These precious images are reminders of Mary, our truly priceless Mother, who brings us many protections and blessings, especially bringing us closer to her divine son Jesus.

Here are some of these special miraculous images of Mary and their stories:

December 12 - Our Lady of Guadalupe Story, Message, and History

Our Lady of Guadalupe Story is a short history of the Blessed Virgin Mary coming to Juan Diego near Mexico City in December, 1531.

On her mantle are numerous stars.

Mary had important messages and errands for Juan Diego.

Hundreds of years later, Mary has a message that, more than ever before, is important for all of us.

November 27 - The Story of Mary's Miraculous Medal - and the Meaning of the Stars on the Medal

In 1830 in France Mary asked that a medal be made and given to all those in need of blessings.

On the front side of the medal, there are 12 stars around the head of Mary.

On the reverse side there are 12 stars around the symbols of the cross of Jesus and his mother, and their 2 hearts.

So many miracles, healings, cures, and conversions happened, that it was soon - and still is now - called the Miraculous Medal.

June 27 - Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Miraculous Image and Story

This image of Mary is in a simple modest church in Rome, Italy.

It has a history going back many hundreds of years.

There are 2 stars on the head of Mary in this image.

Because of the many miracles that have happened over hundreds of years, this is a miraculous image.

August 26 - The Story of Mary - Our Lady of Czestochowa in Poland

This image of Mary - also known as "The Black Madonna" - was painted by Saint Luke while Mary lived on earth.

It has been involved in various attacks and battles in Poland, and has been physically struck by weapons several times.

On the original wood painting a star can be seen on Mary's forehead.

The Apparition of Mary to Little Paul in Montana in 1841

In this apparition shortly before Christmas, Mary appeared with a single star over Her forehead - most likely the Christmas Star.

Mary appeared to Little Paul, and Indian boy.

He had a big problem, and Mary worked Her miracles to help him.

Why Mary is Our Star

When Mary was born, her mother Anne saw a star, and wanted to call her "Star".

God wanted her called Mary - Miriam in the Hebrew.

But God still honors the wishes of Anne. The church from the earliest times has called Mary "the morning star" and "Star of the Sea."

At great sacrifice to herself, Mary agreed to be the Mother of Jesus.

Again, at great sacrifice to herself, Mary agreed to become our mother.

No matter how dark the times in the world or our personal lives, for each one of us, Mary is the star guiding us to the true light, guiding us to Heaven.

Mary plays an important role as Star of the Sea, guiding us even in the darkest of nights and greatest of storms.

As the morning star, Mary prepares us for the full light of day of Jesus the Son - and the Sun - of God.

Mary is our Protection - because Mary is our Mother.

Mary extends Her powerful protection and numerous blessings to those who ask Her with confidence.

Unless we become as little children, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:2-4)

Every child has a father and a mother in the natural order - even if they are not present. We don't get to choose who our natural parents are.

Every person must have a spiritual father and mother for their souls in the supernatural order. We do choose this by our thoughts, words, actions - the way we live.

God, who wants the best for us, intends us to have Him as our Father and Mary as our Mother, so we can fulfil our destiny on earth and belong to our joyful family forever in Heaven.

Those who don't, have the devil for father. (John 8:44)

Let us pray, let us ask that many will make the right choice - and show it by the way we live - before it is too late.

Thank you Mary for all the work you have done, and continue to do for us.

Thank you for all the sacrifices and sufferings you endured to bring us so many blessings from God.

Thank your stars!

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