Labor Day Poems and Activities

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Some years ago, I wrote some Labor Day poems about working.

Labor Day can be very busy with activity. It's a holiday - and for most people, there's no work or school, making for a nice 3-day weekend.

Some families go on outings or camping. Some stay at home. Some have picnics or barbecues. Some have fun and games.

Some catch up on work around the house. After all, what better way to celebrate "Labor" Day than by doing some labor?

So there are lots of options for us on Labor Day, and on the Labor Day weekend.

But there is something very important all of us should do.

I wrote these 2 Labor Day poems about working to remind us, that while the Labor Day holiday can be very busy with activities, we should make sure to include some serious appreciation to God for the benefits, rewards, and blessings of work.

2 Poems about Working

  1. "Working with God"

  2. "Always Learning"

When is Labor Day?

Labor Day in the United States of America is always the first Monday in September. The link above takes you to the exact Labor Day dates for this year and several years to come.

Labor Day Activities - Especially Our Duty to Give Thanks

Among all the activities of Labor Day, we ought to reflect on the blessings of work, and our duty of giving prayers of thanks.

The ability to work is a gift from God.

Let us show Him our appreciation for these gifts - and also be grateful for the fruit of our labors - as well as ask his blessings on all our work.

Labor Day comes at a Good Time

For the majority of us - especially in the northern hemisphere - Labor Day is the unofficial ending of summer, and summer activities. It comes at a time many of us are going back to school, back to work.

It's a good time to reflect on the importance of working well - and an important time to ask God's blessings on our work.

Thank your stars!

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