Advent Reflections, Poems, and Prayers and the Advent Wreath

These Advent reflections and symbols are useful for the whole family, young and old alike.

Advent Wreath with Lit Candles

Religious symbols - like the Advent wreath and candles - are good reminders, to help us keep the spirit of joyful preparation for Christmas.

I hope these pages help you find the real meaning of Advent - and Christmas.

Without spiritual preparation, the Christmas holidays will become "hollow-days" - empty and meaningless, or even "holi-daze", the loss of focus, easy to get lost in the materialistic hustle, bustle, and confusion.

All the commercialism, all the trimmings and trappings, all the parties and feasts, all the songs of cheer, music, and carols, all the parties and gifts in the whole world cannot fill the void in our hearts and make us truly happy, if we miss the real reason for the season - the coming of Christ.

2 Advent Poems - "The Second Coming" - "The Missing Ingredient"

The 1st poem is about the Second Coming of Christ.

And the 2nd one? Why O Why - in thousands of years of history - am I not able to find a real, deep, genuine smile? What's missing? Why so much loneliness, hurt and pain?

A good poem for reflection, especially if holidays bring painful memories.

When Does Advent Start?

When does Advent start? When does Advent begin? The first day of Advent begins on a Sunday. Advent is celebrated for 4 weeks before Christmas.

What is Advent - The Meaning and Definition of Advent

What is Advent? What does Advent mean? Get the real meaning of Advent, starting with the Latin adventus meaning coming or arrival. Who's coming?

The Advent Wreath - History and Meaning

What is the Advent wreath? What do the symbols of the wreath, evergreens, purple and pink candles mean? Can you change an Advent wreath into a Christmas wreath for the Christmas season? If so, how?

Making an Advent Wreath - Advent Wreath Craft

An excellent Advent reflection is on the special roles of Mary and Joseph.

Joseph was a carpenter, and is a wonderful Advent model. To honor his role in the first Christmas, here are instructions - and illustrations - how to make a wooden Advent wreath - one that will last for years.

Holiday Decoration Safety - Candle Burning Safety

Holiday decoration safety includes candle burning safety. Practical fire precautions for candle light occasions such as the Advent wreath. Includes Disclaimer and Warning.

Advent Wreath Prayers - Advent Candle Readings

Advent wreath prayers start with the Advent wreath blessing. Then daily Advent candle readings for each week. A beautiful traditional Advent custom.

And from my experience, and the example of Saul converted to the apostle Paul, a biblical warning about the danger of getting involved in traditions, but not having the right spirit. And how we should never give up hope praying that God touch even the hardest hearts.

Advent Bible Studies - Advent Scriptures

Advent Reflections from the Old and New Testament. Ideas for parents, teachers, students, educators, leaders, families, children, and individuals.

Material for church, school, home. Sermons, classes, prayer meetings, personal growth.

Tips and ideas for daily reading and reflection. Make the bible come alive for you this Advent, this year, this very day - today!

Advent Symbols - the Jesse Tree - the Advent Tree

Are you looking for fun Advent activities for kids? Learn how to make ornaments for the Jesse Tree, aka Advent Tree.

There are hundreds of biblical symbols of people and events from the time of creation to the coming of Christ.

Children learn best when they're having fun!

Advent Reflections - Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Babies just aren't born. The most important preparation is NOT getting the diapers, the baby bottles, the clothes, etc. all ready.

The most important preparation is the 9 months inside the mother's womb, because without this careful preparation, there will be no baby to be born.

And the same is true spiritually. If we want the real joy and deep happiness of true spiritual life inside of us, we must make careful preparation for Christ to come to live within us and help us grow.

Thank your stars!

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