19 More Short
Valentine's Day Limerick Poems

Wild Rose and Blossom

These original 19 short Valentine's Day poem limerecks are very short - just 1 verse long.

They generally follow the rhyming pattern of limericks. They can be used as cute short love poems for Valentine's Day, even a bit sentimental and romantic Valentine's Day poems.

These limericks can be used any time, as short sweet love poems.

You are welcome to use and share these limericks, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Love Poems for Valentine's Day

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

55. Not Just Words

An extra bit of work, there are 10 rhyming (or close rhyming) words in 4 sets!

I am so shy and squeamish,
But here's my try and best wish,
I'd rather truly, dearest dove,
Do my duty, prove my love,
Or rather die - unselfish.

56. True Love

This short Valentine's Day poem is an answer to people who say they've "fallen in love". Really, you can't say you're in true love until you're tested - like maybe a couple months or couple years into the marriage and you're changing diapers and up all night, and you still are faithful. The storms of life can make you stronger - if you really want it.

O hogwash sentimental,
Has all the world gone mental?
Love is sacrifice,
You pay the price,
It's forever! Not a rental.

57. Dear Son

And this one follows the last. It's the advice of a father to his son before marriage.

True love means that you're married,
For years the load you've carried,
Then thousands of diapers later,
You still want to date her,
And serve her until you're buried.

58. Prayer for Unity

My time with you is fun,
You are a gentle sun,
To God I pray,
That ever we may,
Forever close be one.

59. Missing You

My eyes and nose are runny,
My days are bleak not sunny,
How I miss you,
Want to kiss you,
Away from you's not funny.

60. True Wealth

Maybe we're both dirt poor,
I'm the richer so much more,
You're my precious treasure,
Way beyond all measure,
I love you to the core!

61. You Changed My Life Forever

I was in great danger,
Because I was a stranger,
Then you came along,
Singing your song,
Now I am no lone ranger.

This shows how one person - especially a spouse - can have a powerful influence to the other for good by their life, counsel, and example. Such a person is a precious blessing.

62. Thank Your Stars

This one is to my
special star Mary. I wrote most of these short Valentine's Day poems with her in mind, but especially this one - and it's really appropriate for this website, www.Thank-Your-Stars.com.

Even in the seas so rough,
When life is getting very tough,
You're the star shining bright,
You're the beacon's guiding light,
I can't thank you ever enough.

63. Love Prayer

Through storms and bad weather,
You are a magic feather,
You tickle my heart,
With your special art,
We thank the Lord together.

64. A River of Love

However the river's going,
My love for you is growing.
My deepest thanks,
You fill my banks,
With love that's overflowing.

65. The Winds of Love

Whatever wind is blowing,
My love for you is growing,
The clouds are chased,
All pain erased,
Your love keeps me on going.

66. The Wings of Love

This short Valentine's Day poem required a bit of work, with 4 sets totaling 10 rhyming (or close-rhyming) words.

O dearest love bird bright,
Flying above to dizzy height,
My precious bird, true love-stirred,
Have you heard the latest word,
Your hovering keeps us both in flight!

67. The Tree of Love

Love begins slowly like a tree,
But keeps on growing for all to see,
It starts with a seed,
Little, needing feed,
May our love grow strong indeed.

68. The Word Love

Love's a word, a problem such,
It's lost it's true romantic touch,
Ruined by a world so sinful sick,
I'd rather say icky ick,
Love's more service, not words much.

69. Love Growth

This short Valentine's Day poem tells how love is found even in the storms and challenges of life, and brings even better results afterward.

Lightning, thunder, powers,
You are the gentle showers,
Despite our pain,
You're sun and rain,
To bring again the flowers.

70. Undying Love

Marriage is until death. "Until death do us part."

I really want to shout,
What life is all about,
You get shot by a cupid,
And knocked silly stupid,
Then there's just no way out.

71. Renewal of Marriage Vows

Between married couples:

Yes all of you is mine,
And all of mine is thine,
We're here for each other,
And not anyone other,
Happy Valentine!

72. Without You

Don't know what to say?

Every time we come to meet,
It's hard to find the words to greet,
My words are such a bore,
Just your presence fills me more,
Because you are so sweet.

73. The Extra Mile

O just to hear your voice,
Leaves me not much choice,
But to travel for hours,
To give you some flowers,
Makes my heart rejoice.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these poems, provided you follow the
Poem Terms and Conditions.

Thank your stars!

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