Pentecost Poems Prayers & Thoughts
to celebrate
the Coming of the Holy Spirit

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Pentecost Sunday is just 7 weeks after Easter.

On the feast of Pentecost, we celebrate when the Holy Spirit came in a special way.

On this day, we celebrate the birthday of the Church.

The Holy Spirit dwells in the Church as the Source of its Life, and sanctifies souls through the Gift of Grace.

On this page, you'll find links to the story of Pentecost - and to poems, prayers, and thoughts - to get to know the Holy Spirit better.

The Holy Spirit wants to come to each of us in a special way, to give us the help we need.

The Holy Spirit inspires, enlightens, teaches, guides, directs, convicts, encourages, strengthens, empowers, defends, consoles and comforts us - and much more!

The Holy Spirit is our best friend - the best friend for our souls.

When is Pentecost?

This gives the dates of Pentecost for many years.

The Holy Spirit first came to the Church in a special way 10 days after the Ascension, 50 days after Easter. Because Easter is a movable feast each year, Pentecost Sunday also lands on a different day from year to year.

What is Pentecost?

On this page you will find the story, origins, and meaning of Pentecost.

Not only is Pentecost the coming of the Holy Spirit, but it is also considered as the birthday of the Church,

2 Holy Spirit Poems

These 2 poems are prayers in honor of the Holy Spirit. They are suitable not only for Pentecost, but anytime.

The Holy Spirit can be the friend of our soul. He can help us bring the true meaning of Pentecost, his coming, into our daily lives.

Many prayers to the Holy Spirit say "Come" or "Welcome." How many say "Thank you" to the Holy Spirit?

Pentecost Sermons - Holy Spirit Sermons - Scripture on the Holy Spirit

There are teachings and stories in the bible, that help us understand the Holy Spirit and his coming. These may be helpful in preparing for a Pentecost sermon, or a sermon on the Holy Spirit.

In the Gospel of John in the New Testament scriptures, Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as the river of living water.

This river is described in the book of the prophet Ezekiel in the bible Old Testament.

Holy Spirit Symbols - Fire, a Dove, and More

There are many symbols of the Holy Spirit. When he came at Pentecost there was a loud noise, tongues of fire showed over the heads of the disciples, hence the color red is attributed to him. By a miracle, the disciples were speaking in tongues.

The Holy Spirit is also shown as a dove, cleansing and refreshing water, a breath of fresh air, a gentle wind or breeze, a cloud, a gentle rain, and symbols of life, love, and fruitfulness.

He is the gentle breeze that fills the sails of our boat to keep it in the right direction on the waves of life to the port of heaven. He is the shining star to give us direction during the dark night.

And when the storms of life seem to go against us, and we can't see the star, he is the one who brings peace inside, and gives us hope.

7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit - 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

These are special gifts given by God when the Holy Spirit comes.

They are not worldly, human, or physical gifts, but rather gifts from God, gifts for ours souls.

The fruits of the Holy Spirit are seen in the lives of those who co-operate with God's gifts and graces.

What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?

What does it mean to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit? What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?

This is taken from the words of Jesus himself in the holy bible.

Appreciation for the Holy Spirit

It's simply a matter of good manners to appreciate our friends.

The Holy Spirit is a friend of our soul.

The Holy Spirit is one of the best and brightest stars we could ever thank. He gives us so much. Life. Energy. Power. Protection. Friendship. Inspiration. Encouragement.

When we thank the Holy Spirit, we thank God Himself.

Thank your stars!

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