Grandparents Day
Poems and Stories

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Grandparents Day poems and stories remind us to celebrate the wisdom, lives, and legacy of our grandparents.

Our grandparents should be an inspiration for us to do good.

In turn, they deserve our inspiration and encouragement, and our appreciation as well.

Grandparents have much to give us. From a life-time of experiences, they can have much wisdom to share.

We owe them so much. We wouldn't be alive without them.

And it should go without saying, we should show our appreciation to them all through the year.

When is Grandparents Day?

An easy way to calculate what date is grandparents day, and a chart with the exact day for some years to come.

2 Poems for Grandparents

  1. "Blessings to You, Grandma and Grandpa"

  2. "You Inspire"

A Poem for Grandmothers

  1. "Gifts Galore"

2 In Loving Memory Poems for Grandparents

  1. "Stars on Earth, Shine in Heaven!"

  2. "Tribute Prayer"

Stories about my Grandmother

Some stories about my grandmother, who lived 75 years. She is a great inspiration.

Thank you, Grandma, you are truly a beautiful star!

Stories about my Grandfather

Some stories about my grandfather, who lived to be more than 90 years old. I cherish his memory.

Thanks, Grandpa, you're a special star!

True Love Stories about my Grandparents

These are some good stories about my grandparents, showing how they made sacrifices in some very hard times, and for many long years.

A Special Joy

Becoming a first time grandparent is a special joy.

Because of their many experiences over the years, grandparents often have much wisdom to share,

Your grandparents may love to tell stories. Often, they appreciate when younger people are willing to spend some time with them, to talk with them, and to listen to them, and learn from their experience.

Too often, sadly, when we want to listen, and would like their advice, they are no longer in this world.

Thank your stars!

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