A 13 Verse "After Marriage"
Funny Valentine's Day Poem

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Valentine's Day Poetry isn't always about the sweet and lovely.

Sometimes we have struggles and challenges.

Most of the time, we don't see it coming!

Not every day is sunny. Sometimes comes the clouds, the rain, even the storms.

When that happens, what are we going to do?

Never give up hope.

This 13 verse after-marriage funny Valentine's Day poem tells us what happens when the sweet turns a bit sour, the little hills run into bigger mountains to climb.

A generous spirit of service and sacrifice makes the union stronger and the love deeper, as this Valentine's Day Poem shows.

79. Love Growing Pains

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

"The tea's just right, the soup's delicious,
The bread you serve is so nutritious,
Thank you for your service much,
You've got the magic touch."

How easy to talk, when together young,
The promises made, the songs are sung,
Time flies by with words so sweet,
When sitting down together to eat.

Days and months as husband and wife,
Turn into years of marriage and life,
Comes the trials, another little test,
Can be real hard to stay your best.

"The tea is fine, the soup's okay,
Same old crust of bread today."
I'm so weary, I want to cry,
Can't see the end, I wonder why?"

It's easy to say your love, first married,
But really it's tiny, a seed that's buried,
Love must struggle, must prove itself,
With acts of service, or go on the shelf.

It's easy for clouds to enter the picture,
To see your spouse just as a fixture,
The bread of kindness grows dry and stale,
Unless love is nurtured, it may fail.

"The tea's too hot, the soup's too runny,
This hard bread ain't worth the money,
You don't care about my wishes,
You don't help me doing the dishes."

Better to talk than not at all,
Lest your union begin to fall.
True, some things are better unsaid,
Resolve your fights before going to bed.

There are times it can really bother,
Get really hard to serve each other,
How easy to make a dirty face,
When what's needed is show some grace.

If dinner's late, too hot or cold,
Look deeper still, for hidden gold,
It takes an effort, to learn the art,
To love each other, from the heart.

If today is sunny, what about tomorrow?
May come a storm, bring much sorrow,
Mountains to climb, the fun is past,
Sacrifice together makes marriage last.

However tough, never give up hope,
Hang together climbing the slope,
Giving brings joy, makes you strong,
True love is service, all your life long.

Your efforts are worth it, the payoff is great,
Loving, respecting, serving your mate,
Find in each other precious treasure,
Love overflows, far beyond measure.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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Written on My Parents' Wedding Anniversary

I wrote and posted this Valentine's Day poem on my parents wedding anniversary.

My mother passed away from cancer just a month and a half before their 25th wedding anniversary. My father passed away 37 years later.

My mother never saw her grandchildren here on earth. I trust she has seen them from heaven, and that both my parents are in heaven to enjoy the reward of so many sacrifices.

I bless and thank my parents for being such a good example of faithfulness and love, despite many difficulties and trials. No one on earth is perfect. But God will surely bless the efforts of those who remain faithful to duty, despite the challenges.

Thank you Mom and Dad, you both are very special stars !!!

Thank your stars!

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