Fathers Day Poems and Thoughts
to Honor our Fathers

Raindrops on Yellow and Blue Iris
Fathers Day Poems help honor our fathers. First, our Father in heaven. Then, our own earthly fathers.

Father's Day is a special time to honor our fathers, thank them, show them our appreciation.

Good fathers are important stars in our life. We should honor them every day of the year - not just once a year - for the work they do.

Happy Fathers Day!

Every good gift,
and every perfect gift,
is from above,

coming down from the Father of lights,

with whom there is no change,
nor shadow of alteration.

--- James 1:17 ---

What Day is Fathers Day - When is Fathers Day

Find out what day is Fathers Day in the United States of America. Find out when is the exact date, good for 10 years.

Unless you're Adam and Eve, every one of us has an earthly father. Show him appreciation and celebrate!

It's also a special time to thank our Father in heaven and tell him Happy Fathers Day.

Inspirational Fathers Day Poem

Today's worldly society often makes fathers the butt end of jokes.

In this poem of encouragement, I ask God to bless our fathers, who are representatives of God to their children.

A Religious Poem for Fathers Day - A Christian Fathers Day Poem

God is in the miracle business. In the bible, we read that he worked miracles for two special fathers, Abraham in the Old Testament, and Joseph in the New.

This poem refers to these patriarchs, and asks God to grant our fathers the miracles of courage and strength, peace and joy. What is one of the greatest miracles?

Fathers Day Poem about Heaven

This poem is the result of 2 young pastors, who shared their ideas about God the Father, how they pictured heaven, and some of the fun things they wanted to do in heaven.

Funny Fathers Day Poems - Fathers Day Poems from Children

Seven short funny Fathers Day poems coming from the viewpoint of children. Maybe, Dad's too busy, he works too hard, he's too tired, or it's raining outside.

So sometimes, children might have to get his attention first !

Fathers Day Sermons

Stories of fathers from the bible. While Fathers Day is an opportunity to inspire and encourage dads to be faithful to their responsibilities, we should also thank them and show our appreciation.

Especially, we can publicly and privately pray for them, asking God to grant our fathers every blessing and grace they need.

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