Thanksgiving Poems

Thanksgiving is an important time for this website,

because it's name is!

Mountain Maple Fall Colored Leaves among Red Fir Evergreen Branches

With all the holiday preparation, it's easy to get so busy with fall decorations and food and fun, that we forget the real meaning and purpose of Thanksgiving.

That's why I've written dozens of Thanksgiving poems to remind us to be grateful.

Giving thanks should be year around - always - and forever.

When is Thanksgiving Day?

Find out the calendar dates for Thanksgiving in the United States of America, and how to figure out the date each year.

When is a good time to celebrate a mini-Thanksgiving of your own?

13 Short Thanksgiving Poems

13 short (2 - 4 verses each) Thanksgiving poems on specific things we often take for granted.

Life, time, light, air, water, health, food, clothes, sleep.

A beating heart.

Family, friends, and flowers.

13 Thanksgiving Poems for Children - of All Ages !

The Birds. The Trees. The Clouds. The Sun. The Moon. The Stars. Earthworms.

My Hands & Fingers. My Feet & Toes. My Eyes. My Ears. My Mouth. My Nose.

10 Christian Thanksgiving Poems

Forgiveness. Mercy. Salvation. Faith. Hope. Love. Joy.

Angels. Heaven. Even hell.

Wait! Why in the world would you ever want to thank God for hell? It might surprise you!

Funny Thanksgiving Poem - "Gluten Free Thanksgiving"

This really funny Thanksgiving poem is also serious!

It's a warning letter to family, friends, and loved ones, how I'm needing a gluten free Thanksgiving Day.

It has a surprise ending, some things we should all be really be thankful for.

Thanksgiving - Every day of the Year

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday to celebrate one day a year.

We ought to keep the spirit of thanksgiving every day, giving thanks on the other 364 days of the year as well.

Thank your stars - every day!

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