A 13 Verse Simple Love Poem
for Valentine's Day

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This simple love poem for Valentine's Day has 13 verses ... with an interesting twist about being "miserably happy."

What is love?

I believe it's going deeper than the mere physical, mental, intellectual, or emotional aspect of love.

Love is an act of service, even to the point of sacrifice.

True love is a commitment, an act of the will, when one chooses to best serve the needs of another.

There is a mystery in true love, that the more we give, the more we receive. "For it is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35)

A Valentine's Day "Thank You" Poem

This next original poem is a poem of appreciation - a "thank you" of sorts - for the years of patient understanding coming from a faithful, dedicated, and beloved spouse.

It's a blessing to grow old together.

It's an even greater blessing to help each other to grow in holiness, to help each other to Heaven.

75. Miserably Happy!

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

Long ago we married, the days turned into years,
We've had our ups and downs, little joys and tears,
From that special day, when we both said "I do",
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

I long for you at end of day, sitting down to meet,
News to share, good and bad, still you are so sweet,
You listen to my babble, stories old and new,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

When I'm undecided, can't even think my name,
You are ever balanced, ever wise, the same,
You're a solid rock, I know that this is true.
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

Though my teeth fall out, and I am getting old,
Days seem very long, nights are growing cold,
Your love warms my heart, though the words be few,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

When my hair is graying, then turning silky white,
In the whole wide world, there is no better sight,
Your presence cheers me up, like no other view,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

When I'm very stuck, in the greatest trouble,
Often you alone, can pull me out of stubble,
Better than anyone, more than crowded crew,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

When I need forgiveness, it's mercy that I need,
You have been so gracious, a blessing indeed,
I'm glad that united, together we grew,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

When I'm working hard, I'm often out of breath,
Doubts come cloud my mind, I fear the coming death,
But you're my sweetest angel, bringing life anew,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

Silent as an angel, your work is often hidden,
You serve me a thousand ways, quiet and unbidden,
Such kindness unseen, others do not have a clue,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

When I feel like crying, or tears come pouring out,
You're my place to go, when I am wearing out,
You lift my spirit higher, and sweetly smile too,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

I appreciate that smile, which you are always giving,
In gloomiest of weather, you make it well worth living,
You're the sunshine bright, the freshest morning dew,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

You thaw the deepest snow, frozen ice you melt,
Your loving warming kindness, is always deeply felt,
You keep alive my dreams, my spirits you renew,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!

O precious angel mine, good cheer you're always sending,
May we be close united, in life that's never ending,
I'll ever hold most dear, the kisses that you blew,
I'm so very happy to be miserable with you!


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this romantic Valentine's Day poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Marriage Dedication and Faithfulness

This poem is especially for couples who have been married some time, and know each other - and their faults - pretty well.

My own parents were married almost 25 years when my mother died of cancer. My father lived another 37 years. They were both such good examples of faithful dedication.

We trust that they are watching from Heaven, where we also hope to go.

It is thoughtful to remember them on their wedding anniversary and special events, even if they have departed from this world.

That's the beauty of faith. Our friends and family in the faith are forever alive. They appreciate our best wishes on every holiday, birthday, and anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Marriage Reality

Actually, it doesn't take but a few years, months, or even weeks after marriage before reality sets in.

Married couples come down sooner or later from their "marriage high" or "wedding bliss." Usually, it's a lot sooner than later.

Whoever thinks they're going to be the exception, will likely be disappointed.

That's why a holy preparation for marriage is so important.

It's also a whole lot better to get practical Godly advice BEFORE as well as after you get married, from truly wiser older married couples, who can give you some grounding in God and reality.

The Story Behind This Poem - and the Final Line

The final line for each verse of this poem came to me as I was dropping into bed late one Sunday night after a very full day.

I jumped up and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget, then wrote this 13 verse poem the next day.

We thank Heaven for all their good inspirations.

I wouldn't want any marriage partner to be miserable. But the idea is, that it's nice to have someone understand me just the way I am - especially when I'm the one feeling miserable.

In a way, like how God understands us, and unconditionally loves us, and how we can always go to Him with all our miseries - and still be happy. And how God often helps us by His holy angels, and special people in our lives.

I hope you enjoy this Valentine's Day poem.

In fact, I wrote this poem so that it can be used anytime, especially as a prayer of appreciation to God for His understanding us so well, and for giving us His infinite and unconditional love.

Thank Your Stars!

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