Mother's Day Poems

Almond Blossoms against Clouds and Blue Sky
These Mother's Day poems are for the very special women in our lives - our very own mothers.

They are the "unsung" heroes, and we should change that.

We wouldn't exist without our mothers.

We owe a debt of gratitude for all the work and our mothers have done for over many years.

They also have made many sacrifices and have suffered much for us.

Poems and poetry are a special way to celebrate our mothers.

Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother's Day – every day!

When is Mother's Day?

Learn how to calculate the date of Mother's Day. This chart of Mother's Day dates is good for many years.

My own mother was born on Mother's Day!

Short Mother's Day Poems

This original Mother's Day poetry is suitable for a Mother's Day card message.

Mothers deserve more than one day a year. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers - every day!

A Funny Mother's Day Poem

"I'm a boy again!" The little boy inside me comes popping out on Mother's Day!

It's the name of the poem too!

Mother's Love Poem

This is a poem about a mothers love. Take time to appreciate what only a mother can do.

Poems in Memory of Mom - Thank You Poem for Mom

This poem is a thank you to my mother, who passed away more than 3 decades ago. I owe my mother a debt of gratitude.

I know my mother would be happy - and honored - to share this with your mother and family, as a tribute to your own mother. You are welcome to use and adapt this as a tribute to your mother.

It could also be used as a funeral poem at a memorial service, or kept as a remembrance of appreciation.

Mother's Day Sermons and Bible Verses

These sermons are taken from bible verses and stories about women in the bible.

First, to inspire and encourage mothers in their difficult, but most important task. Without mothers, we wouldn't exist.

And second, to remind all the rest of us to honor, love, respect, appreciate our mothers. And especially, pray that God bless them.

My mother has certainly been an important star in my life.

Thank your stars !

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