Thank You Poems for Teachers

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Thank you poems for teachers - they're a great way to show your appreciation for teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day and during Teacher Appreciation Week.

There are also special poems for when the teacher or principal retires.

Like the rest of us, teachers appreciate the thoughtfulness of receiving thank you cards, poems and gifts - at Christmas - on the teacher's birthday - and other special occasions.

As Spring fever turns into Summer vacation, and you're ready to head out the school door - especially when you're leaving the class for good - don't forget to thank your teacher for a year of hard work.

When is Teacher Appreciation Day - and Week?

Teacher Appreciation in the United States of America is in May.

Learn how to calculate it, and get the exact dates - for 20 years.

Thank You Teacher Poems

This poem is called "You're the Teacher"

Teaching can be a thankless job. I know. I've been a teacher for years.

Thank you Poems to Teachers are a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication of your teacher.

Teacher Thank You Poem

This poem is titled "The Sun is Setting on School Days"

It's another original thank you poem by a teacher, for teachers.

If you're a teacher or parent, here's a reminder we really never stop teaching, even when we "retire". Our work goes on in the lives of our students more by example, than by using only words.

Short Thank You Poems to Teachers

3 short poems to celebrate, honor, and appreciate our teachers.

Original poetry by a teacher for teachers. Thank you teachers, one and all, for all the great work you do!

Teacher Retirement Poems

I wrote these 2 poems specifically for when a teacher retires.

The first poem reminds us that by our words and example, we continue to teach wherever we go.

The second poem reminds us that our work lives on in the lives of others that we influence - the parents, the students - and the next generations.

Principal Retirement Poems

I wrote these three poems for the occasion when a principal retires:

Of course, feel free to adapt a teacher poem for a principal and vice versa.

And if you still have trouble finding what you're looking for, check out all the retirement poems to find the poem that's just right.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas - From a Teacher

There are many types of teachers. School teachers, business teachers, motivational and inspirational teachers. They help us face the challenges and show us the way to success. They are willing to share their knowledge with us, and show us how to do things.

Very often, it takes years of schooling and preparation to become a teacher.

How we need good teachers! Without good teachers, we might still be living in caves and acting like animals!

So let's pray for good teachers, show our appreciation, and ask God to bless them and their good work.

Thank your stars!

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