When is Thanksgiving Day
in the United States of America?

"We Have So Many Reasons - Every Single Day,

To Show Our Gratitude - Every Single Day."

In the United States of America, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, towards the end of the month.

(Canada observes a Thanksgiving holiday on the second Monday in October.)

Another way to figure the date of Thanksgiving - it falls on the Thursday on or between November 22 through November 28.

The following chart is good for 20 years.

When is Thanksgiving Day in the USA?

2010 - Thursday, November 25

2011 - Thursday, November 24

2012 - Thursday, November 22

2013 - Thursday, November 28

2014 - Thursday, November 27

2015 - Thursday, November 26

2016 - Thursday, November 24

2017 - Thursday, November 23

2018 - Thursday, November 22

2019 - Thursday, November 28

2020 - Thursday, November 26

2021 - Thursday, November 25

2022 - Thursday, November 24

2023 - Thursday, November 23

2024 - Thursday, November 28

2025 - Thursday, November 27

2026 - Thursday, November 26

2027 - Thursday, November 25

2028 - Thursday, November 23

2029 - Thursday, November 22

2030 - Thursday, November 28

Every Day Should Be Thanksgiving

It's nice to have a special observance once a year. But why wait until Thanksgiving comes to show our gratitude?

Some communities observe prayers of thanks every Thursday, in memory of the events at the Last Supper of Jesus with his followers on the night before he died.

Every week, the weekend church service is certainly a very good time to be in Thanksgiving mode, giving our thanks to God.

And yet, we have so many reasons every day, to show our gratitude every day.

  • Life, breath, food, water, air, clothes, health, safety.
  • Work, abilities, income, gifts and skills.
  • Home, family, friends.
  • School, teachers, education.
  • Church, pastor, graces, blessings, prayers.

And many more reasons to thank your stars !

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