Christian Thanksgiving Poems

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Everyone can find many reasons for giving thanks.

Christians have even more reasons, and they are some of the most important ones.

So I wrote poems about:

  • Forgiveness. Mercy. Salvation.
  • The gifts of Faith. Hope. Love. Joy.
  • Angels. Heaven. Even hell.

Wait! Why would you ever want to thank God for hell? It might surprise you!

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356. Forgiveness

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

When dying on the cross, Jesus said,
"Father, forgive them, they don't know,
What they are doing." Them is us.
You and me. Sin is the debt we owe.

We should die. Be buried in hell.
Eternally, and forever.
Chained with no escape. Tormented.
Tortured by devils most clever.

God, give to souls grace and pardon,
To repent of all sinful stuff.
Thank you, God, for your forgiveness.
Eternal thanks is not enough.

The second and third lines of the first verse of this poem, is found in the Holy Bible, Gospel of Luke 23:34 - "Father, forgive them, they don't know what they are doing".

357. Mercy

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Take note, carefully observe,
Mercy we do not deserve.
But to the cross we must look,
Jesus all of our sins took.

Mercy in every lash,
Mercy in every gash,
Mercy in every scar,
Mercy on the cross' bar.

Mercy have the lips spoken.
Mercy from a heart broken.
Mercy from the bleeding hands,
Mercy all across the lands.

Thank you God for mercy great,
You open wide heaven's gate.
For your mercy we give praise,
Your blessings, now and always.

358. Salvation & Grace

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Thank you God for Redemption,
For sinners you make exemption,
We become free from Satan's chains
By Jesus' death, and awful pains.

Thank you God for your salvation.
This is cause for celebration.
You save us from the choke of sin,
Restoring your true life within.

Thank you God for your holy grace.
You grant to us a special place,
In your family, as your children,
In the great expanse of Heaven.

359. Faith

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Faith is a most precious treasure,
This gift comes from God, by his grace.
We walk with God in daily life,
So in heaven to see his face.

Now is our time for believing,
Even when dark, doing what's right.
Thank you God, for walking with me,
The narrow way to glory bright.

When we pass into heaven's gates,
Faith will be needed no longer,
Hope too, will pass away,
Only love keeps growing stronger.

The concepts for the third verse of this poem come from the Holy Bible, especially the first epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, 13:1-13.

360. Hope

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

What good is life, if one has no hope?
Where would he go, where could he run?
Living without any meaning,
Life without purpose is no fun.

Hope when deferred makes the heart sick,
When goals are met, joy is complete.
This the bible, in Proverbs says.
Thank you God, for such joy is sweet.

The second verse of this poem is adapted from Proverbs 13:12 - "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life".

361. Love

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

God's life is the source of true love,
It energizes heart and mind,
With mere mortals love is fickle,
True loyalty is hard to find.

Joy is found in acts of service,
Love is action, not just feeling.
What we do for one another,
Brings back to us greater healing.

Love makes many sacrifices,
In this God's son shows us the way,
Thank you God for your one true love,
Jesus the truth, the life, the way.

The last line of this poem comes from Jesus words, "I am the way, the truth, and the life", found in the Holy Bible, Gospel of John, 14:6.

362. Joy

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

On earth we get a glimpse of joy,
When we keep doing good at length.
No matter how hard or difficult,
The joy of the Lord is our strength.

There's no end to joy in heaven.
It's a reward for life well spent.
Thank you God, for this special gift,
That makes us happy and content.

The last line of the first verse of this poem, "The joy of the Lord is our strength", is found in the Holy Bible, Nehemiah 8:10.

363. Angels

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Thank you God for your holy angels,
Ready to do whatever you ask.
Countless millions, the army host,
Each faithful to their assigned task.

They bring your words from you to us,
Bring back to you our thanks and praise.
They fight evil, surround your throne,
In a sea of glorious rays.

They sing aloud creation's song,
Ringing from end to end of space.
Greater than stars, they shine so bright,
Filled with wisdom, power and grace.

Thank you God, thank you angels,
For all the good things that you send.
One day I hope to share with you,
In life we hardly comprehend.

364. Heaven

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Life's a flash and we're a speck,
When compared to eternity.
We must use our time well, because
Heaven is our true destiny.

Thank you God for life with purpose,
Help us reach this reunion best.
Give now a thirst for life with you,
A prosperous, eternal rest.

I wrote more poems about heaven. They are found in the Ascension section of this website. (The Ascension is when Jesus went to heaven 40 days after he rose from the dead on Easter Sunday.)

365. Hell

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

I did not want to do this rhyme,
But by God's grace I boldly dare:
Thank you God that there is a hell,
For those who for your laws don't care.

On earth now, there's hardly justice.
Evil triumphs and tyrants score.
Life is now a time of trial.
At Christ's coming, he will restore!

On earth dangerous criminals,
Are locked away by bars in jail.
The good of all creation demands,
The gates of hell cannot prevail.

At death's final call to judgment,
God will reward those in his grace.
But the proud disobedient,
Will get their own punishment place.

Heaven is a peaceful kingdom,
It's gates open; but locked is hell.
God so loves his own family,
From devils he must guard them well.

For the safety of his children,
God cannot allow prideful sin,
Or devils or sinners wicked,
To even dare come close within.

God have mercy on us sinners,
Change our hearts before it's too late.
All evildoers, lock them up!
Help us choose wisely the right gate.

The last line of the 3rd verse, "The gates of hell shall not prevail", comes from a promise of Jesus found in the Holy Bible, Gospel of Matthew 16:18.


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