13 Short Thanksgiving Poems
for Children of All Ages !

Thumbnail of bright yellow sunflower against dark blue sky
The sunflower is a symbol of gratitude.

It turns its face toward the sun, the source of its light and energy.

It is a reminder to us that - for the gifts we receive - we ought to turn heaven-ward.

These 13 short Thanksgiving poems are for children - of all ages.

As children, we began to learn about the world around us.

We learn about things like the birds, trees, and clouds. The sun, moon, and stars in the sky. And even the earthworms in the ground.

Our bodies help us learn and grow and explore, using our hands and fingers, feet and toes, eyes and ears, mouth and nose.

All these things are special gifts from God, to whom we should give thanks, as these next poems attempt to do.

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343. The Birds

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Come see the birds high on a tree!
Some are big and some are tiny,
Some are as colorful as can be.
Thank you, God, for variety.

Come hear the birds, their noise-making,
Warbling, quacking, chirping, singing,
Even honking high up flying,
Thank you, God, for the joy they bring.

Some birds give us their food to eat,
Eggs from some, other kinds of meat.
What does the bird say in its tweet?
Thank you, God, for your goodness sweet!

344. Trees

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

With hidden roots and solid trunks,
Trees do many jobs dutiful.
With many branches and green leaves,
Trees are often quite beautiful.

Thank you God for trees of all kinds.
They provide shade, freshen the air.
The give us fruits, nuts, seeds, and wood,
And so much more, to show your care.

345. The Clouds

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Clouds can move fast, they can move slow,
Both near and far they come and go.
White and puffy, or dark and gray,
We see them almost any day,

Clouds have many sizes and shapes,
Like ships at sea or bunch of grapes,
Like angels, birds, trees, and flowers,
What imagination powers!

Thank you God for so many clouds,
Whether few or coming in crowds.
With rain or snow, you have a plan,
To water earth, give drink to man.

346. The Sun

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

When the sun rises at daybreak,
I must a little moment take,
Thank you, God, for a brand new day,
I welcome your help on my way.

The sun gives light for all to see,
To work, play, do any duty.
By it's light the plants can grow food,
How wise is God, how kind and good!

The sun goes down into the west,
It's time for us to take some rest.
Thank you God for caring for me,
Bless all of us eternally.

347. The Moon

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Reflecting the light from the sun,
Up in the east it slowly rises.
Full or half or crescent shaped,
The moon is full of surprises.

Some nights it's there, some nights it's not,
It can even be out at noon.
Thank you God for your well-thought plan,
To schedule the light of the moon.

348. The Stars

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Millions, billions, trillions more,
There are so many, many stars.
To gaze up on a clear night,
What joy and happiness is ours.

Thank you God for the countless stars,
Your majesty, though great and grand,
You show as twinkling little lights,
To people all over the land.

349. Earthworms

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Let us thank God for all things good.
This includes the lowly earthworm.
It's important when growing food,
Even if we would like to squirm!

Hidden in darkness earthworms toil.
They recycle trash into wealth.
They change the dirt into rich soil,
Little by little by stealth.

God puts different things in place,
Things we often don't understand.
For each creature God gives a space,
Thank you, God, for what you have planned.

Thumbnail of bright yellow sunflower against dark blue sky
These next 6 poems thank God for the wonderful tools we have with us, to better serve God and others.

We often don't appreciate these special gifts until something happens that we can't use them for awhile, such as a broken bone, a bad bite or sting, an accident or disability.

350. My Hands and Fingers

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

On my 2 arms I have 2 hands,
They are God's special gift to me,
To touch, to feel, to clap and wave,
For work and play. Come look and see!

On my 2 hands I have 10 fingers,
Why are there 10? God surely knows.
I write and point, catch things and cook.
Hands and fingers help hold a rose.

God bless the thousand things I do.
Help use my hands, please make me strong,
To do what's right and always true,
Good work, kind deeds, and never wrong.

Dear God, I thank you for my hands.
For those who have no hands I pray.
Keep us all in your loving arms,
And bless the work we do each day.

351. My Feet and Toes

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

On my 2 legs I have 2 feet,
They are God's special gift to me.
To stand up tall, to walk around,
To run or jump. Come look and see!

On my 2 feet I have 10 toes.
Why are there 10? God only knows.
For those who have no feet I pray,
God bless them in a special way.

Thank you God, for my 2 legs,
My 2 feet and all my toes,
Thank you for each and every one.
Help me walk the path you chose.
(Help me do well the work you chose.)

352. My Eyes

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Here on my face I have 2 eyes,
They are God's special gift to me.
They are the face's best surprise,
Allowing me to look and see.

Dear God thank you for your great mind,
That I can see things with delight.
For those who can't see, who are blind,
Grant them more inner beauty bright.

Help me be careful what I see,
To guard myself from all offense.
Save my eyes for eternity,
To see heaven's beauty immense.

353. My Ears

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Here on my head I have 2 ears,
They are God's special gifts to me.
With them I hear sounds far and near,
The bird that sings high in a tree.

God thank you for this ability,
To hear sounds whether soft or loud,
To listen to a person speak,
Or the singing of a whole crowd.

God bless the deaf who cannot hear,
Words or music, the song of bird.
Protect us from bad words and lies.
Grant that we all receive your word.

354. My Mouth

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Here on my face I have a mouth,
It is God's special gift to me.
2 lips, a tongue, 2 rows of teeth,
What a treasure! Don't you agree?

With my mouth I can eat and drink.
I can swallow water or juice.
I taste and enjoy many foods.
But there's even a better use.

With my mouth I can talk and sing,
There's so much I'd like to say!
God thank you for the gift of speech.
And for the mute I also pray.

Bless me with the gift of wisdom,
To know just what to say and when,
To always speak truth with kindness,
Or else to hold my tongue again!

Also, dear God, help me to use,
My lips to show others your grace,
Even without words, when I can,
Give some cheer with a smiling face.

355. My Nose

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

Here on my face I have a nose,
It is God's special gift to me.
I can breathe deep, or smell a rose.
Thank you God, for these gifts so free.

Can the nose help some people see?
Of course, it holds up their glasses!
Would you be wanting, now really,
Anyone missing their classes?


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these poems, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

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