Christmas Poems for Children
About baby Jesus. His mother Mary. Joseph.
Angels. Shepherds. Wise men. The star.
The Donkey. The Cow. The Camel.
The Sheep. And more.

Christmas nativity scene with hand-painted figures and animals; and the wooden stable I built.

January 10, 2012 - Christmas Nativity Scene
in the church where I was pastor years ago.

These Christmas poems for children bring back many special memories.

One of my favorite memories, as a teacher and pastor, was setting up the Nativity Scene, the one pictured above, in church with the children a few days before Christmas - sometimes the Sunday before Christmas.

  • Before placing the images in the nativity scene, I would ask the children what each of the figures said. And they would give the answer. And wherever I went during the season, I would ask children and families this question.
  • What did these 10 say? What did the angel over the stable say? What did Mary say? and Joseph? and the shepherds? and the wise men? and the sheep, the cow, the donkey, and the camel? And the child?
Almost nobody ever got the last one right. The first poem I wrote below gives the answer.

This manger is also very special to me.

Here's a couple of reasons:

  • Several months before Christmas - in the mid-1990's - some big boxes arrived. These figures were an amazing gift sent to our church by a community in Quebec, Canada, who hand-made and hand-painted them.
  • Several weeks before Christmas, I spent 3 days making the stable, mostly from scraps in a pile of stove firewood. It was near miraculous. I haven't done anything quite like it before or since.
In January 2012, I traveled over 1000 miles each way to the church where I had been pastor, to take photos of this Nativity Scene. I had been wanting to post them on this website for some years.

You are welcome to use and share these poems, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

379. The Sounds of Christmas (at the Nativity Scene)

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

The big and little sheep say baa-aa,
Moo-oo goes the gentle mama cow,
The sturdy donkey says hee-haw,
The camel makes a rumbling growl.

At night an angel tells good news,
To shepherds the joyful story.
Then angel armies say, To God
In the highest heaven, Glory!

The shepherds say: Let us go see,
In manger, the child born this day.
They found Mary, Joseph, and child;
Then told others, to God gave praise.

Mary and Joseph celebrate,
The will of God for all is done.
With joy they say to each other,
Congratulations. It's our son!

Wise men make the journey searching.
Gold, incense, myrrh, they bring from far,
Saying: Where is the newborn king?
In the east we have seen his star.

And the child? what does this child say?
For he is God, almighty, wise.
Let us now wait his announcements.
Hush. Be silent. .................
.................. The baby cries.

380. Mary's Welcome

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

When Christ was born for all mankind,
God chose Mary for his mother.
Mary says to us: Come and see,
Come and see
your baby brother.

Come as you are, bring no excuses,
Bring your guilt and darkness within.
Hear Mary tell us: Come and hold,
Come and hold
him who saves from sin.

Have no more fear or loneliness,
Receive peace and joy without end.
Mary says: Come close, Come and keep,
Come and keep
your very best friend.

381. On Top the Tree

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2013

On top of the evergreen tree,
Is a stem that goes straight on high.
Unlike many other trees,
It points up to the heavenly sky.

And so on top the Christmas tree,
We put an angel or a star.
Both are reminders to us all,
Heaven comes down to us from far.

The angel of the Lord came down,
To tell all people the good news,
Glad tiding of great joy, for Christ,
Has come to save us, if we choose.

A star came down, leading wise men,
Who were seeking their destiny.
It led the way to Christ our Lord,
Who gives us life eternally.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these poems, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

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Christmas is such a special time for children.

Many of think back to the joy we felt as children at Christmas. And this is right.

For Jesus Christ came from heaven down to earth as a little child, which should touch the hearts of all mankind.

Thank Your Stars!

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