3 Short Inspirational Christmas Poems
Christmas Past, Present, and Future

Natural Star of Snow on Evergreen Tree
I wrote these 3 short inspirational Christmas poems during the 12 Days of Christmas.

While much of the world is taking down the Christmas tree and decorations right after Christmas, true Christians know that the Birth of Christ - celebrated on December 25th - is just the beginning of the Christmas Season.

The Christmas Season starts with 12 days that last through the New Year - the 8th day when Jesus was circumcised and received His Holy Name - to the 12th day on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany.

The Christmas Season continues on for several more weeks, that last at least until February 2nd, 40 days after the birth of Christ, when Joseph and Mary presented Jesus in the Temple.

Just like in winter it usually doesn't snow or rain once, but many times, so Jesus comes into our world in many ways - like, the first time at Christmas, into our hearts by grace, and at the end of the world to judge the living and the dead.

This first poem reminds us of the first Christmas, and we are all invited to celebrate the gathering of the stars for the greatest show on earth.

34. Christmas Past

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

Take a moment let us tarry,
Think how God finds ordinary
Folks like Joseph and sweet Mary
To make the greatest show on earth.

Mighty kings with all their taxes,
Buildings, roads, spears and axes,
Don't compare to what impacts us,
Mary's child's simple birth.

Wise men travel from afar,
Following long the eastern star
The child is found because they are
Guided by it's hopeful ray.

Receive this child, it is no fable,
Come one and all to the stable,
The least, the poorest, all are able
To celebrate on Christmas Day!


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

This next poem is a short inspirational Christmas poem about living the true meaning of Christmas. By helping the poor and needy, we are giving to Jesus, which is the true spirit of Christmas.

35. Christmas Present

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

Blessings, ladies, gentlemen,
Cheerful news, dearest children,
Greatest joy happens when,
You live the Christmas Feast.

Forget not the very poor,
Down the street or at your door,
When you help them you do more,
You're helping Christ in the least.

Warm your heart when you share,
Refresh your soul when you care,
Christ must then your burdens bear,
In your heart he delights to stay.

Thank the Lord so good and kind,
When we share, we shall find,
Peace of soul, heart and mind,
Celebrate the Christmas Way.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

This third inspirational Christmas poem is a suitable one of remembrance, in memory of loved ones, how Christmas is celebrated in heaven.

36. Christmas Future

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

Slowly tolls the Christmas bell,
Sad the story they now tell,
Our loved ones now in heaven dwell,
Leaving us this bitter-sweet story.

Gather friends, come and hear,
There is reason for every tear,
That precious life, your loved one dear,
Has gone to sweetest home in glory.

Freer than the fastest bird,
From every pain forever cured,
The sweetest songs are always heard,
Peace and rest and grace so mild.

The Star of Bethlehem they now see,
The wise men in greatest royalty,
Angels, shepherds, Joseph, Mary,
They now see the Holy Child.

Life on earth is short, a test,
Heaven is life at it's very best,
Rest and peace, a place most blest,
We can't imagine, not now ever.

Except it is so much more,
Every word I say is poor,
They celebrate on heaven's shore,
It's Christmas Day forever.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Some Thoughts on These 3 Short Inspirational Christmas Poems

This Christmas Trilogy of three poems took a lit bit of work, to get all three poems to follow the same rhyming pattern - the first three lines, and every pair of 4th lines.

I did these 3 poems in my spare time during the 12 days of Christmas. I posted them on the evening of January 6th, which in certain traditions is the Feast of the Epiphany, when the Magi came with their gifts.

During the Christmas season, let us thank our stars, both living and deceased, the true heroes who are keeping and who have kept the faith ... and Merry Christmas to one and all!

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