Religious Christmas Poems

Evergreen Tree Backlit by the Sun making a Natural Star-lit Christmas Tree.
I wrote these two religious Christmas poems for the Advent and Christmas season.

I used the first poem in my 2011 Christmas card.

You can see the cover of my card to the left. It's a photo I took earlier in the year on Wednesday, August 24th late in the afternoon, as the sun was going down behind the trees.

Remember, the sun is a star, so this is an actual starlit tree, as found in nature!

This is the poem I wrote on the inside:

198. Christmas Blessing

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2011

Gently, gently sweet Mary holds,
A precious treasure in her folds,
Joseph too is filled with great joy,
God from heaven is now their boy.

Softly, softly the angels sing,
Lullabies to the newborn king,
Announcing news of greatest worth,
Glory to God and peace on this earth.

Gather, gather, come one and all,
Join the shepherds in manger stall,
Wise men come from distant lands,
Come see his tiny feet and hands.

Bless us, bless us, o kind Savior,
God in hiding, show us favor.
Touch our hearts with your healing grace.
Make this lost world a better place.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this free religious Christmas poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Another Religious Christmas Poem

I really couldn't think of any good place to put this next poem. It can be used any time of the year. It would make a great Advent poem, starting out the new religious year with a reminder to pray.

Every year, there are people for whom Christmas will not be very merry.

Something, or someone, is missing. Many are hurting from the loss of a loved one. Many are enduring a great trial.

This is exactly for whom Jesus came as a child to give peace. He would grow up and tell us that he came not for the healthy, but for the sick. And the lost. And the grieving. And the hurting. Especially if you are missing a loved one, pour out your grief and tears to God. You can always talk to God about anything. He can fill the void in your heart that no one else can. He brings Christmas Himself into your heart.

199. You'll be Okay.

     by Paul Berchtold, December, 2011

Are you depressed, is life a test,
Feel like crying, even dying?
Have you been hurt by words so curt?
You'll be okay, when now you pray.

When your own mind seems dark and blind,
No sun, just rain, and lots of pain,
You're getting old, you feel so cold,
You'll be okay, when now you pray.

When life's not fair, none seem to care,
Heavy the fears, sorrows, and tears,
You're not alone; all have not gone,
You'll be okay, when now you pray.

There's one who cares, he hears your prayers,
It is not odd to talk to God.
For with his might, he dispels fright.
You'll be okay, when now you pray.

Faith comes alive, though you may strive,
Hope will endure, the goal is sure,
Love will abound, your life be crowned,
You'll be okay, when now you pray.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this free religious Christmas poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

A Final Note

This religious Christmas poem is different. The word Christmas isn't even in it. For some, just mentioning it brings heart-ache.

Each Christmas is different. Some seem so grace-filled. Others are so pain-filled. In heaven we'll see and understand that the pain-filled days were probably the most grace-filled ones.

While growing up, my family was together each Christmas, until the college years. But we would still come home during the Christmas season for a visit.

Then, when I was a young adult, Mom passed away two weeks before Christmas.

Over the years, some of the enthusiasm, eagerness, and energy of childhood for the trees, lights, decorations, and gifts has passed a bit. But I am thankful that my mother's passing never took the real meaning of Christmas away, and there has always been a sense of peace, joy, and contentment - despite the changes. I think it has much to do with the deeper values we lived, like our daily prayers as a family.

True, to some degree, you really never are the same after a great loss. Christmas will never be quite the same - at least here on earth.

It's a very precious memory that we all gathered as a family for prayer every night. During the Christmas season, we gathered every night around the nativity scene on a stand under the tree. All eyes could only focus on the stable, because everything else was dark.

At night time prayers, all the lights were turned off. The little blue light in the stable was the only light at all, shining on the white figures in the stable, and the white snow all around, making it all look so peaceful - and cold. We'd often sing Silent Night together.

For more than 20 years, at every Christmas season, Dad would always say a prayer of thanks that we were all gathered together as a family.

Until the year Mom died. But we remember that we are still gathered as a family. We remember how when she was dying and could barely speak, she pointed up to heaven, saying all of us to get there. We remember her daily prayers, and life of many sacrifices, that we would all meet in heaven.

I think the hole in our heart is a reminder of the hope we have that only one person could ever fill. It is now over 30 years since mom went home.

But once we are gathered together again in heaven for eternity, 30 years - or even longer - will seem like nothing, and God has a way of making all things work for the best, even here on earth.

His own son was born in poor circumstances in a country oppressed by the violence of both Rome and Herod. He would suffer all his life, so Isaiah could call him a man of sorrows, acquainted with our grief.

I hope we always remember that we can always pray to receive comfort from the One who understands.

O Silent Night! O Holy Night! From the greatest to the least. From the endless vaults of the universe, to a tiny corner of the world. Heaven rejoicing, angels singing, shepherd keeping, magi coming, Joseph watching, Mary resting, a tiny child sleeping.

The stars? Yes, countless stars - big and small - are shining.

Thank your stars!

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