Thank You Teacher Poems

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Thank you teacher poems are a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication of your teacher.

We get older. The years pass quickly. We move on.

It's easy to forget our teachers. Sometimes we can't even remember their names. But they've done an important work in our lives.

Teaching can be a thankless job. I know. I've been a teacher for years.

If you're a teacher, let me thank you. Especially if you don't feel very appreciated sometimes, here's for you a reminder of our special calling and gifting.

2. You're the Teacher

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2010

Unseen work and dedication,
Years of hidden preparation,
Laying solid a foundation
For the next, our generation,
You're the Builder.

Pouring out your hidden treasure,
High, above, and beyond measure,
Selfless giving, despite pressure,
Giving each some little pleasure,
You're the Hero.

You brought smiles on all our faces,
Showing manners, social graces,
Lots of numbers, books, and places,
Filling up our brainy spaces,
You're the Guide.

From the ringing of the bell,
To close of day, who can tell
How we came beneath your spell?
You have taught us very well,
You're the Artist.

Unending days seemed a bore,
Homework heavy, quite a chore,
You saw deeper, so much more,
Far beyond the classroom door,
You're the Inspiration.

Summer, Winter, heat and cold,
Calling us be brave, be bold,
Truths and values firmly hold,
Lessons lasting years untold,
You're the Leader.

Time is now for us to part,
We to make a brand new start,
You have done so well your art,
Thank you, teacher from my heart,
You're the Greatest.

On to higher destiny,
Making dreams reality,
You have left your legacy,
Precious is your memory,
You're the Teacher.


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Here's the story behind this poem.

I wrote this thank you teacher poem at the end of April.

Around the same time, I posted the home page, the first page of this website, on April 19th. What I hadn't realized - until I was posting this poem a month later on May 31st - was the fact that April 20th is the anniversary of the Columbine School shooting near Littleton, Colorado on Tuesday, April 20th, 1999.

Teaching isn't always fun. It can be a real tough lonely job nowadays ...

Taking the Time

It's very special when a teacher receives a thank you, maybe a short poem for the teacher.

It's even more special - and thoughtful - when as a student, parent, employer, you give a thank you card, a gift, or some little token of appreciation.

That's because, as the bible says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35)

More Thank You Teacher Poems

I wrote at least 10 poems for teachers on this website. Here's another Teacher Thank You Poem. It's titled, "The Sun is Setting on School Days."

So whether you're in grammar school or graduating and even years after, take time to celebrate and honor your teacher(s).

And yes, that includes me.

Years later after my school years, I still have teachers, coaches, and mentors to help my business grow. I send them a card of appreciation, and include a poem.

I've even gotten on the phone with some of them, and read a few of my thank you teacher poems.

Here's a Thought.

Once in while, how about thanking your teacher for all the behind-the-scenes work - that most people forget, or don't even think about, or don't even know about - such as class preparation, meetings, and grading your tests and homework papers?

And what about all the years they studied to become a teacher?

And what about the personal challenges they faced - or even handicaps and struggles they have?

Maybe your teacher won't discuss certain things. Respect this.

But, you might be really surprised. You'll never know if you don't ask.

Appreciation and gratitude is all about thinking of others.

Thank your stars!

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