Teacher Thank You Poems

Sunset behind Trees

Here's another original teacher thank you poem, by a teacher, for teachers.

If you're a teacher or parent, here's a reminder we really never stop teaching, even when we retire.

Our work goes on in the lives of our students and children more by example, than by using only words.

5. The Sun is Setting on School Days

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2010

The sun is setting on school days.
Teacher, you've shown in many ways
In life and class the Golden Rule,
A good example to all the school.

Lighthouse, beacon, solid tower,
Source of wisdom, gentle power,
Steady shining come what may,
Rainy fog or sunny day.

Leader, captain of the team,
Though tough the daily grind may seem,
One of the brave, one of the few,
Challenging us to work anew.

Mentor, counselor, coach and guide,
Good and bad, whatever the ride,
Your time and effort ready to give,
Seen best of all by how you live.

Good-bye's are hard but you deserve
A special praise because you serve,
Calling to mind our legacy,
To carry the torch for all to see.

Please accept this presentation,
Of my deep appreciation,
For the days so quickly past,
What you've done will surely last.

Not just words of thanks I'm giving,
But the promise of truly living,
Following your example sweet,
Praying that in heaven we meet.


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