A Poem for Grandmothers

I wrote this poem about grandmothers, to honor and celebrate all our grandmothers.

Grandmothers are such special people. They have so many stories, experiences, and love to share.

We owe so much to our grandparents, and especially grandmothers, I think.

15. Gifts Galore !!!

     by Paul Berchtold, September, 2010

Grandma, God gave you many gifts,

I want to name a few,
No matter where you go or travel,
You always bring them with you.

Grandma you have, truly special feet,
Swift to run a good errand or deed,
Or simply to walk, out to the garden,
And plant a flower, or pull a weed.

Grandma, you have such twinkling eyes,
Ever so watchful, so deeply caring,
Spilling tears, sometimes of joy,
Or very deep sorrow, your heart is bearing.

Grandma I look into your face,
And see your lips so sweetly smile,
It's what is often remembered most,
It makes our lives, so worthwhile.

Grandma, with your gentle mouth,
You teach life's lessons, meaning, purpose,
Sometimes serious, sometimes happy,
Your laughter brings much joy to us.

Grandma, you have beautiful hair,
Growing gray, then turning white,
God crowns you with such practical wisdom,
To be for us, His salt and light.

Grandma your hair covers, attentive ears,
Listening to every, little story,
First to God's, with His quiet voice,
And then to ours, whether fun -- or gory.

Grandma you have, a sensitive nose,
Smelling our treats, when they're baked just right.
You take time, to smell the rose,
And smell the trouble, when little boys fight.

Grandma, you have beautiful hands,
Each wrinkle and crease is a precious jewel,
The fruit of years of work and duty,
Loving and living the Golden Rule.

Grandma, what many don't see are your fingers,
Your head is bowed, hands folded in prayer,
For all your family, even unborn generations,
Getting God's help is the best way to care.

Grandma, I see your bending elbows,
Sleeves rolled up washing the dishes,
Kneading the dough or doing the washing,
Life is made by work, not wishes.

Grandma, you are gifted, with special shoulders,
On which we can always, lean over and cry,
Who knows how many heavy a burden,
Your shoulders have carried without knowing why.

Grandma, you have wide open arms,
Ready to give a big hug or a kiss,
No matter the season, the time, or the weather,
This is something, we don't want to miss.

Grandma, God gave you one special gift,
A great big gift I can't see with my eyes,
A heart so big it could hold all the world,
Full of love and wonder and surprise.

Grandma, you share your great big heart,
Your special love, so abundantly,
Pouring your life and so much more,
As a cup to the brim, overflowing for me.

Grandma, you use each of these gifts,
For neighbor and stranger and family and friend,
If each of us followed, your shining example,
The world would change, all wars would end.

Grandma, we're all, growing older and closer,
To the time we each leave this world so bad,
Your time of giving on earth will pass too,
Heaven will rejoice, we may be sad.

But we will rejoice in your gift of life,
We have your example, your legacy,
We will go forward, in your memory,
Living with purpose, to reach destiny.

Grandma you are a most precious flower,
Growing where planted, blooming so free,
Your colors become so gorgeous and glowing,
When you bloom in Heaven's eternity.

Grandma, may angels always be with you,
And reward you for using so wisely each gift,
And bring you many more blessings forever,
And when you are down, give you a lift.

Grandma my thanks could go on forever,
It couldn't reward you, you've been giving so much,
Only God can, and one day, He'll bring you,
Home to His Heaven. You'll feel His touch.

Grandma, on that special day in Heaven,
People by thousands, millions, and billions,
Will come and say thank you for being so faithful,
It'll be the best, of family reunions.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these poems about grandmothers, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

A Little Background about this Poem

I wrote this poem a week before Grandparents Appreciation Day. Here is the date for Grandparents Day.

I was thinking of my own very special grandmothers.

Thank you to them, and all the very dear grandmothers and grandfathers everywhere.

This poem took 4 to 5 hours to write, and ended up being 22 verses long. It was the longest poem I'd written so far. Good thing the verses are short.

One of my coaches thinks that many grandmothers would be happy to keep this poem with them for many years. Wouldn't that be nice.

Grandmothers have Special Gifts

This poem is about the many gifts that grandmothers have. Wherever they go, they bring these gifts with them. Especially when they travel to visit their children, grand-children, or even great-grand-children.

Thank the Lord for His Special Gifts.

Thank your stars!

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