When is Grandparents Day?

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How do we figure when is Grandparents Day?

Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Labor Day is on the first Monday in September. So the possible dates for Labor Day are September 1st through 7th.

The first Sunday after Labor Day is 6 days later, so it falls on the Sunday between September 7th and 13th.

Grandparents Day is usually the second Sunday in September, but not always! The exception is when Labor Day is on September 1st, then Grandparents Day is on the 7th, not the 14th of September.

Here's a chart for your convenience:

When is Grandparents Day?

2020 - Sunday, September 13

2021 - Sunday, September 12

2022 - Sunday, September 11

2023 - Sunday, September 10

2024 - Sunday, September 8

2025 - Sunday, September 7

2026 - Sunday, September 13

2027 - Sunday, September 12

2028 - Sunday, September 10

2029 - Sunday, September 9

2030 - Sunday, September 8

2031 - Sunday, September 7

2032 - Sunday, September 12

2033 - Sunday, September 11

2034 - Sunday, September 10

2035 - Sunday, September 9

2036 - Sunday, September 7

2037 - Sunday, September 13

2038 - Sunday, September 12

2039 - Sunday, September 11

2040 - Sunday, September 9

2041 - Sunday, September 8

2042 - Sunday, September 7

2043 - Sunday, September 13

2044 - Sunday, September 11

2045 - Sunday, September 10

2046 - Sunday, September 9

2047 - Sunday, September 8

2048 - Sunday, September 13

2049 - Sunday, September 12

2050 - Sunday, September 11

Grandparents Day is an Observance

Grandparents Day is not a holiday, but an observance.

It's not as well known as Mother's Day or Father's Day, but it's becoming more popular - the word is getting around.

Like these 2 special days in May and June, Grandparents is a day to remind us to show our love and appreciation to our grandparents.

It's easy to get busy with our lives and forget.

Never heard of Grandparents Day?

Maybe you've never heard of Grandparents Day before. Many grandparents still haven't heard of it either! Wouldn't it be nice to surprise them with a card, poem, gift, letter, phone call, and tell them this!

I didn't find out until after I started this site. One day I had an inspiration - and I looked on the internet. It was about 2 weeks before Grandparents Day,

It gave me the opportunity to honor the lives, stories, and memories of my four grandparents, all of whom are deceased.

I hope you get some good ideas here to honor and celebrate your grandparents, with thank you poems or thank you card messages.

Visiting Grandparents

It's always special day when we can go see our grandparents, or they come to visit us.

Make it special for them. Take time with them.

Show your grandparents your appreciation and love. Do things for them. Little nice things you know they'll appreciate.

The less you think of yourself, and the more you're interested in them, the more good things come back to you.

This is one of the secrets of joy. It's the Golden Rule too.

Prayer for Grandparents

Without grandparents, we wouldn't be here. So include your grandparents in your daily thoughts and prayers. Ask God to bless them.

When you have the opportunity, be sure to thank them.

Even if your grandparents are no longer on earth, we still can love them, and ask God to take good care of them.

Thank your stars!

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