A Religious Poem for Father's Day
A Christian Father's Day Poem

Dark Red Lilies in Mary's Garden

This is a religious poem for Father's Day, which I wrote to encourage and bless our fathers.

God is in the miracle business. In the bible, we read that he worked miracles for two special fathers, Abraham in the Old Testament, and Joseph in the New.

This poem refers to these patriarchs, and asks God to grant our fathers the miracles of courage and strength, peace and joy.

I'll tell you what the greatest miracle is after the poem.

91. Miracles for Father

     by Paul Berchtold, March, 2011

Abraham was given a child when old,
God kept his promise, by the bible we're told,
Abraham obeyed, he offered his son,
God spared his life, the test was done.

Joseph was given a child as his own,
Told by the angel he'd be great when grown,
A savior, a king, to give us true life,
Joseph with thanks, took Mary as wife.

Be faithful to God, be always true,
So God can work great miracles for you,
Doing what's right let's God give his best,
And there will be added, all the rest.

May God the Father bless your life,
Help your family, children and wife,
God give you courage, strength for your role,
May your peace and joy be specially full.

Walk with God, stay on his road,
Receive his blessings to carry your load,
God's plan for you, is very great,
Being a father, has the most weight.

It's what God is, to all his children,
And what he shares with special men,
Who on this day, deserve our praying,
Happy Father's Day! We all are saying.


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A Special Gift for a Father is a Good Wife

One of the best and most unique gifts a father could receive is a loving, diligent wife.

Well, actually, that's one of the best gifts any man who wants to get married could possibly receive, because not every husband becomes a father.

But for a father, a worthy wife is one of the greatest assets in fulfilling his responsibilities to feed, clothe, educate, and train his children first in the spiritual order, then in the physical order.

The wise Solomon devotes his last and best chapter of Proverbs to how precious and rare is a good wife. Far and from the uttermost coasts is the value of a good and capable wife, who will help him and not hinder him all her life long. (Proverbs 31:10-12)

Each Child is a Gift - One of the Greatest Miracles

It's a real miracle for a father to see his first child for the first time. And it doesn't end there.

Each child is a real miracle, a most precious gift. Each child is a new life given by God for the father and mother to care for, nurture, and teach, with the purpose of giving the child back to God, having helped him develop his full potential and fulfilled his ultimate destiny, to live life to the fullest in eternity.

What is a true inheritance? A lot of money, a smart intelligent brain, a ton of worldly fame?

Not from God's viewpoint. In God's book, it's children.

Children are the inheritance from the Lord. In fact, they are his reward! (Psalm 127:3)

And so you don't miss the point, Jesus also severely threatens those who should cause one of his children to fall, saying it were better for them that they had a mill stone tied around their necks and that they be drowned, than to find out what punishment happens in eternity to those who scandalize a child. (Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2)

After all, as parents, we are not the first owners of the child, but they have been given to us by God on loan, so that we might have the privilege to share in his parenthood.

God deserves our thanks for the miracle of parenthood, the miracle of children.

Thank your stars !

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