Inspirational Father's Day Poem
to Encourage and Bless Fathers

I wrote this inspirational Father's Day poem to encourage and bless our fathers.

90. In the Father's Place

     by Paul Berchtold, March, 2011

A very Happy Father's Day!
And all year long in every way,
Because once a father, you'll always be,
A father for eternity.

From the time you see your child's face,
In this world you take the place,
Of God, our Father, to your own child,
Firm to correct, yet gentle and mild.

The world and devils degrade your role,
Want to attack and damn your soul.
Give them your scorn, give them no bother,
You're better than that - you're simply a father.

A faithful father doing his duty,
Gathers the best of precious booty,
A child trained well is worth far more,
Than all the wealth of worldly store.

You work to provide, for your family well,
Now be a blessing, let your words tell,
And by your example lead them in prayer,
It's the only way to show you care.

Bring your family, to heaven, to God,
Without his blessing, you foolishly trod.
He gives you life and can take away,
Represent him in every way.

Life is a challenge, many a test,
So when you fail, still do your best,
Put your family on God's foundation,
This is how God blesses a nation.

Care not for worldly fame and glory,
Which is hollow, an empty story.
Leave your offspring real legacy,
Bring and show them, true destiny.

I pray for you, now and all year,
God bless you with great strength and cheer,
So God and me, can say words true,
Happy Father's Day! From me to you!


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Fathers Need Encouragement - from our Churches

In many churches, the Mother's Day sermon is a nice one praising and appreciating mothers.

But the Father's Day sermon is often "hell-fire and damnation" against all the bad things fathers need to work on.

Maybe, this is needed to wake men up to their duties. Dads are men, and should be able to take a challenge.

But they are also "human" men, and just like the rest of us, they make their share of mistakes. They really need our encouragement too!

Fathers, You Need our Prayers - and God's Blessings

Let's pray for you fathers.

We ask God to grant you blessings as you lead your family to their true destiny and purpose, which is to know, love and serve God, in our studies, in our work, and throughout our lives, and then God will provide the true success that you - and all of us - seek.

The Need for Respect

Today's worldly society belittles the role of fathers, making fathers look dumb and stupid. Our fathers are being made the butt of many sarcastic cartoons and jokes.

This is wrong. God is not pleased. I pray God puts a stop to this attack on an authority he set up from the very beginning of mankind.

The foundational - fundamental - role of fathers is to represent God the Father to their children and to their family. It is a privilege and a responsibility that each member of the family, the church, and society should be helping - not hindering - the father to carry well.

Sure, fathers are human, and make mistakes. But we can always find something to appreciate.

For example, maybe a father is a work-a-holic. But at least he's working hard to provide for his family.

Nagging never works. Let's stop the nagging, and start doing some serious appreciation.

Your family and the good of society depends on it.

Thank your stars, and if you're a father, thank you very much! and Happy Father's Day to you.

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