Some Funny Father's Day Poems
- 7 Short Limericks -
Father's Day Poems from Children

I wrote these 7 short funny Father's Day Poems coming from the viewpoint of kids, who want to do their best for their father - at least on Father's Day ...

But sometimes, they have to get his attention first!

But sometimes, they have to get his attention first!

7 Short Limerick-Like Father's Day Poems from Kids

     by Paul Berchtold, March, 2011

93. No Sad Dad, Please

Happy Father's Day, dear daddy,
We don't want to see you saddy,
Our tears would run,
That wouldn't be fun,
It would end up driving us batty.

94. Forget the Car

You work so hard and toil,
We'd hate to see you spoil,
This special day,
Of fun and play,
So please don't change the oil !

95. To a Busy Dad

Sure you have things to do,
But your whole family crew
Plans to seize the day,
And make you play,
Happy Father's Day to you!

96. Father's Day Sunshine

Should it rain all day, even snow,
And gray clouds stay, still we know,
Dad, you bring delight,
You're the sunshine bright,
Whatever we do, wherever we go.

97. Make-up Time

O yes, it's truly expedient,
Our family be truly remedient,
For lacking an attitude,
Of deepest gratitude,
To Dad, the main ingredient.

98. Wishing Daddy Awake

O how I wished and prayed,
That daddy hadn't laid,
To take a nap,
Fell asleep in a snap,
Before the sun had fade.

But I know he is so tired,
If he doesn't work he's fired,
So now he takes rest,
So he can work his best,
Before he gets re-tired.

99. Hard Working

Life is so hard and tough,
My daddy's work is rough,
So my thanks he will hear,
Not just once a year.
Every day is not enough.


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From Kids, For Kids

I had fun writing these short poems, they actually went faster than I thought it would.

It brought back a lot of memories of my own childhood, like Dad taking a nap on Father's Day, when we had to be quiet, and we really wanted him to be the center of attention.

Dad is Dad, Even on Special Days

It happens to the best of us, especially as children. We get excited, and we goof.

Did you ever get corrected on your birthday or holiday, and maybe even spanked or sent to your room or both? Or worse, you missed out on something fun because you got in trouble, whether at home or school.

Gee, you were having fun, and didn't mean it. But there are consequences for your behavior, and learning these lessons is more important than having fun.

Values like self-discipline, and good behavior, and obeying parents, and being polite and respectful, and using manners, and being helpful to others are important any day - even on holidays and vacation.

Memories of my own Father

Dad worked very hard to support our large family.

My father is a carpenter and general construction handyman. He became the youngest carpenter licensed in his state - more than 50 years ago. For many years, he did cement work with forms - floors, walls, ceilings.

My father is still alive, but is getting older, just like we all are. He still does wood work in his workshop making bee hives frames, bundled wooden stakes, etc.

When we were growing up, my dad, with the full encouragement and support of my mother, was such a good example for us children:

  • He sacrificed his good paying job to move across several states, and put us all in a good private school when I was in 3rd grade, to get a good education.
  • He never worked on Sunday, unless it was an emergency, like changing a flat tire to get to church, or helping pull someone out of the ditch.
  • He brought our whole family to church every Sunday. (He still goes to church daily.)
  • He gathered our family for prayer and reading every night in the living room.
  • He took time to teach us how to do different jobs
  • He never took a job that would keep him away from our family overnight.
  • He took the time to correct us, and insisted on good behavior.

In many other ways, Dad is truly a blessed man. May his reward in heaven be very great.

I thank my stars for such a good father.

Thank your stars for yours !

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