When is Ascension Day?
When did Jesus go back into Heaven?

Ascension Thursday is simply 40 days after Easter.

But Easter is a movable feast, landing on one of 35 calendar days each year, on or between March 22nd and April 25th. A bit complicated, as you can see in , as you can see in figuring the date of Easter Sunday.

So Ascension Thursday is also one of 35 days, coming as early as April 30th and as late as June 3rd.

If this seems a bit complicated, here's a chart instead. (This follows the tradition of the western church in the computation of Easter.)

Dates for Ascension Thursday

2020 - Thursday, May 21

2021 - Thursday, May 13

2022 - Thursday, May 26

2023 - Thursday, May 18

2024 - Thursday, May 9

2025 - Thursday, May 29

2026 - Thursday, May 14

2027 - Thursday, May 6

2028 - Thursday, May 25

2029 - Thursday, May 10

2030 - Thursday, May 30

2031 - Thursday, May 22

2032 - Thursday, May 6

2033 - Thursday, May 26

2034 - Thursday, May 18

2035 - Thursday, May 3

2036 - Thursday, May 22

2037 - Thursday, May 14

2038 - Thursday, June 3

2039 - Thursday, May 19

2040 - Thursday, May 10

2041 - Thursday, May 30

2042 - Thursday, May 15

2043 - Thursday, May 7

2044 - Thursday, May 26

2045 - Thursday, May 18

2046 - Thursday, May 3

2047 - Thursday, May 23

2048 - Thursday, May 14

2049 - Thursday, May 27

2050 - Thursday, May 19

Ascension Thursday is a Holy Day

In some churches, Ascension Thursday is observed as a Holy Day of Obligation. In some countries, this has been observed for many generations and centuries.

Like on a Sunday, Church attendance is required, and no unnecessary work done.

Ascension Thursday is a Holiday

In our school, when I was growing up, it was a holiday. Meaning, no school or classes! We had the day off.

Which was pretty handy too, considering it usually came at a rather busy time of testing and grading to wrap up the school year.

Usually the spring weather was beautiful. (Ascension, like Easter, always comes in Spring in the northern hemisphere.)

So after church service, we usually got to go for a drive, a hike, or a picnic. And sometimes all 3 and then some!

Ascension Day is a Day to Celebrate

When Jesus rose from the dead, it gives us hope that we too shall rise.

When Jesus went back up into heaven 40 days later, the angels reminded the bystanders that Jesus will come back the same way - to welcome us home to heaven.

Where we hope and pray - by God's grace - to go. Where we will be happy and fulfilled and successful forever.

Thank your stars!

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