True and Joyful Poems about Heaven

These are 3 poems about heaven. Great for inspiration and encouragement, they may also be appropriate for a funeral, a time of bereavement, or sympathy cards and messages.

The 3rd one is quite long, and, a bit funny! It is the longest poem I've written so far - 40 verses!

This first one of the poems about heaven is shorter. It recalls the 2 men (angels) talking to the followers of Jesus right after his ascension into heaven, 40 days after Easter. (Acts 1: 10-11) It's a good reminder when we're grieving someone that has departed from this world.

142. Why Look you up?

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

Why look you up on this sad day,
Why don't you know just what to say?
Ah, someone's gone from earth just now,
You're feeling it with heavy brow.

But why these tears, all this crying,
Life is granted for the dying,
Heaven is the land of living,
Let us deepest thanks be giving.

If on this day you can't rejoice,
Yet be in peace, it's God's own choice,
To welcome home our dearest friend,
Where love goes on without an end.

Yes do look up, in heart and mind,
May God bless you, that you find,
Strength to walk on, while yet on earth,
Home to heaven, land of new birth.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem about heaven, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Heaven - A Critical Choice

Eternity is forever. We will spend 99.9999999999999+ percent of our entire existence in eternity - either in hell or in heaven. You can wish it away, you can want it different, but it will never change the facts. God is true.

We don't want to miss getting to heaven. Let us pray, work and think of heaven. We have to choose.

This next short poem about heaven is about the most important choice of our lives.

143. Choose Life! Choose Heaven!

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

Time on earth is short by design,
By how you live, you make your choice,
To hell you'll go, to weep and pine,
Or into heaven, to rejoice.

Hear God's own sages, faithfully,
You gain all, or everything lose,
There's in you now, eternity.
Be very careful how you choose.

The choice you make will forever last,
One or other can only be,
Grace must remove sins of the past,
To enjoy life eternally.

Don't choose sin, so empty, hollow,
Instead, walk on the narrow road,
God has shown the way to follow,
Jesus carries your heavy load.

The best choice you could ever make,
Is follow Jesus, Savior, Friend,
Cling to him, he'll never forsake,
Only he brings joy without end.

So every day take his hand,
He is heaven, he knows the way,
Through this world to his own land,
For this he blesses us each day.

Wherever you go here on earth,
However far and wide you roam,
Remember your true land of birth,
Only heaven is your real home.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem about heaven, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Poems about Heaven - Do we have to Guess?

How do you write poems about heaven, when you and I have never been there?

We can only guess and imagine.

But wait, God is in heaven, wouldn't it be nice if he told us?

He did. He told the prophets. Then he sent his son to tell us about heaven, and to show us the way to heaven. By his death on the cross, his son re-opened the gates of heaven, which were closed to mankind because of sin.

Still, we can really only imagine what it'll be like, but at least we know what we have to do to get there.

And we know what it's not like. No more pain, suffering, being tired or hungry or sick or thirsty or lonely. No more problems at all! (cf Revelations 21:4)

144. I'm in Heaven!

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

I've got good news, let me be bold,
You can't stick me into a mold,
I'm so special, I am God's child,
I'm at peace but I can be wild!
I'm in heaven.

Such good news I just have to tell,
That I'm alive and very well,
I enjoy God and his pleasure,
This is joy you cannot measure.
I'm in heaven.

No more crying and no more tears,
No scary things to cause me fears,
No more darkness, gone is the night,
Everything's clean and purest white.
I'm in heaven.

No more rising and setting sun,
No interrupting so much fun!
All is shining so clear and bright,
Jesus the Lamb is now the light.
I'm in heaven.

No more naps, no more sleeping,
No more exhausted, tired, weeping,
When we play hard we are resting,
Joy is found everywhere nesting.
I'm in heaven.

All day long I'm dancing, playing,
Even while I'm my prayers saying,
For my prayers are simply praising,
God everywhere, he's so amazing.
I'm in heaven.

No more hoping, no more belief,
There's only love, what a relief!
What we believed, what we hoped for,
We're now holding forevermore.
I'm in heaven.

No single heart will be broken,
God has promised, he has spoken,
He's made all things, just like brand new,
From universe to drop of dew.
I'm in heaven.

No more sin, of this I'm certain,
Everything's new behind this curtain.
You can't sin when confirmed in grace,
God's holiness in every place,
I'm in heaven.

No more enemy in my sight,
All are friendly, what a delight,
No more battles, no more war,
Way up above on wings I soar.
I'm in heaven.

No temptations, no bad choices,
No more hearing wicked voices,
My own voice is so nice and sweet,
And so is everyone I meet.
I'm in heaven.

No more monsters, no more bullies,
No more danger, hidden gullies,
No more hurtful, unkind teasing,
Every joke here is most pleasing,
I'm in heaven.

No more guessing wonder why-ing,
No more cheating, no more lying,
Who'd want to lie since all can see,
Right through you and right through me!
I'm in heaven.

No more disasters, deadly fires,
No more need for any desires,
Before I want it, I'll get it now,
No more sweat upon my brow,
I'm in heaven.

No more hunger and no more thirst,
We all here put each other first,
No more cooking, it's already done,
At the banquet of God's own son.
I'm in heaven.

No more veggies, if I'm wanting,
No more killing, no more hunting,
I eat my cake and have it too,
I'm always feeling fresh and new.
I'm in heaven.

No more hiding, no more seeking,
No more stage fright when I'm speaking,
I sing my own songs any time,
They come easy in perfect rhyme,
I'm in heaven.

No more shyness, no more blushing,
No more hurry, no more rushing,
I want it fast, I get the best,
I want it slow, I take a rest,
I'm in heaven.

No more tickets and traffic fines,
No more waiting in long lines,
I can rocket, or ride a bike.
Everything's at the pace I like,
I'm in heaven.

No more huffing, no more wheezing,
No more coughing, no more sneezing,
The air we breath is fresh and pure,
About this fact I can assure.
I'm in heaven.

No more phone calls and no TV,
I'm living in reality,
I don't have to write a letter,
I send messages much better,
I'm in heaven.

No more hard work, no need for tools,
It's so easy to keep the rules,
The only rule is charity,
And that's for all eternity.
I'm in heaven.

No more problems, no more hurt,
No need to mend a torn up shirt,
No more mistaken out of place,
We live and move by God's own grace.
I'm in heaven.

There's no more disabilities,
Just endless possibilities,
More to do and more to see,
So boundless is my energy.
I'm in heaven.

No more losing at the ball game,
Because I now take my best aim,
I hit the baseball past a star,
Which really is not very far.
I'm in heaven.

No more will I be forgetting,
People's names or table setting,
For every poem, song or story.
I have the best of memory.
I'm in heaven.

No more sickness just pure health,
Rolling in riches, gold and wealth,
Stores of treasure all over this land,
Nothing's puny, everything's grand.
I'm in heaven!

No more death, just purest living,
Everyone here's always giving,
Piles and heaps the best of store,
Abundant life and so much more.
I'm in heaven.

No more sorrow, no more sadness,
Only joy and perfect gladness,
Nothing here makes anyone afraid,
Not a single flower will fade,
I'm in heaven.

There is simply nothing tragic.
Flowers grow as if by magic,
Things grow here from the finest seed,
No more pulling a thorny weed,
I'm in heaven.

There's no more aches, and no more pains,
No more prison, and no more chains,
In this place everyone is free,
God's children act with liberty,
I'm in heaven.

There's no more junk and no more trash,
Not a cinder nor single ash,
I now live in comfort and ease,
I can do whatever I please,
I'm in heaven.

No hand me downs from my siblings,
No more fights and no more quibblings,
Just hand me ups from my big brother,
Jesus and his holy mother.
I'm in heaven.

What he hands down is destiny,
All that he has he gives to me,
Why in the world would anyone miss,
Coming here to out-of-world bliss.
I'm in heaven.

No more needing to earn a dime,
To go to work, there is no time.
No more watches, no ticking clocks,
No more laundry, no dirty socks.
I'm in heaven.

No more trying to stay on time,
Time's long gone and so is crime,
No more accidents and wrecks,
All is perfect, there are no specks.
I'm in heaven.

No one's poor with clothes in stitches,
Only elegance and riches,
No one could ever want to steal,
Everything's yours and that's for real.
I'm in heaven.

No more house to clean up and fix,
No more dangerous rocks and sticks,
There's simply not the least of malice,
Everyone here gets a palace.
I'm in heaven.

There is just one thing that I miss,
It's you I'd like to hug and kiss,
I hope we're reunited soon,
We will then sing a newer tune,
We are home in heaven.

I hope and pray to see you here,
God sees each most precious, dear,
Until that long awaited day,
I am waiting to smile and say,
Welcome home to heaven.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem about heaven, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Another Joyful Poem about Heaven

Here's another inspirational poem about heaven found in the Father's Day section of this website. After all, God the Father is maker of heaven and earth.

This poem comes from the stories of 2 young ministers. They told how they imagined heaven, and God the Father, and some of the fun things they wanted to do when they were in heaven.

When's a Good Time for Poems about Heaven?

Anytime is a good time to read poems about heaven, but I would especially recommend them:

  • At a time of grieving, such as a funeral;
  • On the anniversary of a death or funeral or similar days;
  • On and around Ascension Day, when Jesus went up to heaven, 40 days after Easter;
  • Any time we are reminded of our own death, like when we get sick, or see gray hairs in the mirror!
  • Any time we think of family and friends departed, such as a parent or grandparent.
  • Any time we need help, hope, and inspiration from heaven.
  • And of course, we can include them in a card of sympathy.
If that seems like a lot of times, don't worry. We should think of heaven a lot. It's where we're headed.

Pondering Heaven with a Bit of Imagination

In these poems about heaven, remember we won't know what heaven is like until we get there. On our own, we simply can't imagine it. But sometimes, God turns up just a little corner, and show us a little tiny bit, to inspire and encourage us.

Thank your stars!

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