Thoughts on Heaven - Heaven is Real

This poem - "Is Heaven Real" - is a short introduction to a longer piece that follows - "Thoughts on Heaven". It's a very special conversation, worth listening very carefully to.

Much of it comes from the Holy Bible Scriptures, but I don't put any references here, so as not to break up the flow of the unique conversational style.

141. Is Heaven Real?

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

Heaven is for real,
Get it from the source.
It's a great big deal,
But God doesn't force.

Come for a grand meal,
A 7 million course.
Those who turn their heel,
Have greatest remorse.


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Thoughts on Heaven

Heaven is Real - Part 1 of 4

Yes, heaven is real. I'm going to keep reminding you of that.

But try to answer this question of mine first.

      What if you lived in a world

                                 where everyone gave you their very best?

The very best service, the best gifts, the best work, the best of everything they had?

I did. I gave you my only son. He's back up here with me in heaven.

Here in heaven, everyone gives their very best for each other - all the time.

We have a blast doing it.

Heaven is real. I like to brag a lot on my big family, but one thing I won't let happen. No one's going to outdo me in generosity.

What about the people in your world, where you're living? Are they giving you their very best?

Unfortunately no, much of the time. I know. I see everything. I see you get shafted all the time behind your back, in front of your face, all around you, and then you act surprised when you sometimes catch them in the act!

But it happens all the time. You're lied to, you're so gullible. Without me, you're a sheep ready to fatten the wolves.

And you? Do you give your best? Without me, you can do nothing, nothing good at all. For years I've seen your selfish inclinations. I know you very well.

I created you. Physically, you're one of the finest pieces of machinery I've ever made.

I gave you this machinery. And you'll just keep ruining it for yourself when you try to run this machinery your own way.

I made you. You can deny it all you want, and listen to all the lies of all the liars you want.

But I stick to the facts.

I know firsthand, heaven is real.

I'm a father, so I'm going to tell you what bothers me.

You know what really bothers me about you?

You hardly ever thank me for all I give you. And then you go blame me for anything that doesn't go your way.

I hardly ever hear you give me genuine thanks, even though your scientists are finding out more and more how I wired you, even thought it is still less than 1 millionth of how I wired you. And they know practically nothing of the plans I have in store for you. And how much I love you.

From your mother's womb I designed you perfectly, to first get through your time of testing on earth.

And then, if you are faithful to me and my commands - which I made for your benefit, and for peace and justice to everyone on earth - then after you die ...

- and I didn't originally plan for you to die, nor to suffer - but these are consequences of sin -

... then, at that time, how I designed you, inside and out, is going to kick into full gear. You'll finally reach your full potential.

Life at full blast, success and fulfillment, joy and happiness, peace and contentment beyond measure that you can hardly bear. F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

In fact you will not be able to bear it, it is so unbelievably unimaginably stupendously great. Can you deal with that? Can you handle that? Actually, you won't be able to.

But hey, that's why I'll always be here in heaven to support you. You're the apple of my eye, and you couldn't desire a single thing, because I'll have it ready before you could even ask.

I'll be at your service forever - just for a life of service doing it my way on earth.

Heaven is real. Everyone here in heaven keeps telling me it's a ridiculously unfair exchange, but I don't think so.

My infinite love for you blinds me all the time. Remember, I'm real stubborn about not being outdone in generosity.

Heaven is real. Compared to eternity, your life is 2 seconds - a speck and a flash - just enough time to say yes or no, "I do," or, "I won't." Because, it's up to you, it's your choice!

I have an unfair advantage. I've lived here forever in heaven. So I know heaven is real.

Compared to where I live, I'd say your brief life in your world looks pretty sad indeed.

Closer to a living death, a hell on earth.

That's why just about nobody comes back to live visibly in your world. I doubt they'd want to. But I'm here, ready to walk with you every step of the way. I've been here all along, waiting...

Heaven is real. I sent my son to help you make a go of it, to show you how to get over here where I live in glory.

Yet you act like you're going to live forever on earth.

Heaven is real ... and so is hell. I have to stick by my rules. I couldn't be more fair.

Heaven is real ... and so is my son. You got a problem with what he told you to do? How come you don't work it out with him? He earned the right to be the best ruler over heaven and hell.

The sweetest gentlest ruler in heaven, he knows how to make my own children wild crazy dancing happy.

He's also the most feared and hated dictator in hell. Put all the terrorists of the whole world together, and you've never seen such a terrorist to the devils, the damned, and the wicked.

Oh! and did I forgot to tell you he is all mighty, just like I am? But maybe you knew that. You don't act like it sometimes. You keep shoving me out of your life. You don't even want to listen to me most of the time.

Heaven is real ... and so is hell. It's an absolutely fair arrangement. It's the choice of a life of service to me or not.

Don't play the fool. Don't do it your way. Or you'll learn the hard way. The devils will outsmart you, and if at the end of your life you're still under their control, it's for keeps. Just telling you the facts.

I mean business. You can call me mean all day long, but I mean business. I didn't make you trash. But without me, you'll get trashed but good.

Heaven is real. Are you trying to get into heaven on the shirttails of someone else?

You got to come in the arms of my son.

The only way in is to be carried in his arms, because you can't even get through the gate unless you become as a little child.

My son said a little child. My son means business. My son always tells the truth, down to every detail. And that means, you got a come as a baby.

So when you're willing to repent and to finally cry and beg and weep to me like a baby, because everything in this world is going wrong for you, because you finally understand you can't possibly do anything good by your own power …

… That's when heaven comes to you. That's when you'll first find out in a little way that heaven is real.

So welcome home, babies. You'll always be our babies.

We love babies. We know how to spoil them in heaven.

Heaven is real.

Heaven even came down to earth. My son came as a baby. You can hold him in your heart. That's the true Christmas story. That story doesn't do you any good if you're going to do nothing about it. But enough people have done something about it. My son's life and death was all worthwhile.

You think you're so smart. We're infinitely smart. My son and I have been around for ever. We've never changed. We know all the ropes. It would take you an eternity in heaven just to figure all of them out.

Heaven is real. When you're starting your eternity, remember, we've been around for an eternity.

Just to give you an idea of how smart we are, in the first moment of your existence in heaven, we'll let you know more than all the information of all the people that ever lived on earth, past present and future - if you want. Every single moment after that, you could learn even more, and you won't run out of ideas.

Heaven is real. My son and I - we are heaven - we're that big.

Your whole universe took six days to build. That wasn't millions of years. I mentioned the morning and evening of each day. So it was a 24 hour day. I saw that what I've done is good. We had fun doing it.

Too bad people spoiled it. My son and I had to do a lot of extra hard work to re-open the gates of heaven again.

It cost us everything. And that's an infinite price. We mean business that much. It's that serious.

It cost the life, the humiliation, the torture, the life, the last breath, and every drop of blood of my son. I couldn't do more. He couldn't do more. If we tried to do more, we would be unfair. And you'd accuse us of interfering with your free will.

Which you tend to do a lot anyway.

Heaven is real. I'm going to dissolve your rotten world. Look, I make all things new.

If you had a rotten family, it's dissolved. I have a much better family. Rotten marriages? Dissolved - once you're in heaven, of course.. Welcome to the marriage supper of the Lamb!

I'm the father, better than the best of fathers, and will let you have incredible freedom, you'll be able to check out anything you want. Even sitting on my son's throne! He said it, he meant it, and that's a fact.

You don't know what freedom is! But you think you do, and you say you do, even as you get enslaved by sin and Satan's lies.

Heaven is Real - Part 2 of 4

Heaven is real. For those who ask, we give our protection. We don't mess around with anyone who tries to keep others from heaven. We mean business. We're this serious:

  • The first one who lied to keep the first couple I made from getting to heaven, we made him kiss the dirt and hug the dirt and crawl on his stomach in the dirt. O, and by the way, we made him eat dirt all the days of its life.
  • To the woman who listened to the lie, the joy of childbearing turned into torture, and her mind was warped to take the abusive control of men.
  • To the man who listened to the lie, he had to pull weeds and fight thorns all the next 900+ years of his life, and work by the sweat of his brow to grow food from the soil just to feed himself and his family.
  • Both of them had to live with remorse, seeing their offspring murder, cheat, lie, revolt, for many generations unto millions of people. They got to live with the mess they created, but not in the place I prepared for them.
  • And, they were kicked out of the garden we had prepared for them.
  • And both of them, and all their children, would turn back into dirt - the dust of the ground - as they grew old and died. Don't say we didn't warn them. Read the true story for yourself.
  • Then my son and I took the whole load of the world's sins and atoned for them, because we told that couple - your first parents - it would happen. It did, 4000 years later. If that seems a long time you, it's a few seconds to us. Remember, we've been around forever. We know when the best time is to do things. You can trust me or not, it's up to you. But there will always be consequences. It's only perfectly fair.
  • Take notice how we got rid of every obstacle to you getting to heaven. We smashed the devils - actually, we crushed their heads - we've conquered sin, the world is already judged, the wicked are punished.
  • Then there's these idiots who think everybody's going to heaven. Yes, heaven is real. We want everyone in heaven, but not everyone wants to go to heaven the only way you can. It's their way or the highway, so we let them take their highway to hell. Out of love, we don't force anyone. But out of love, we do warn.
  • Even worse, there's idiots who tell this lie - that everybody's going to heaven - to everybody else. It's not what my son said. I'll make sure these liars pay for it. I make sure the ones thrown in the lake of fire are those who love and live a lie. I curse false teachers. They keep many from the heaven I created them for. They are like their father, the father of lies, just like my son said. And I'm going to be like a mama bear whose cub just got messed with. I'm going to tear them to shreds. Don't mess with me. I'm a father. I spank hard. I fight well. I have millions of warrior angels in my armies on the ready. I keep my family safe.
  • There's just one last stupid blooming idiot in the way of you getting to heaven.
  • Maybe, we won't keep calling him an idiot though. If he chooses by his actions or lack thereof to go to hell, maybe we'll stick to some more formal language. We'll call him, "the fool." He'll be the one calling himself one stupid blooming idiot and a thousand other well-deserved labels every single moment of his tortured existence forever after.
  • Wanna know who the last roadblock is?
  • It's You.
We love you that much, it's your free choice. I don't want robots here. Remember, we're family. And we stick to the basics.

Heaven is real, you can't come in with any sin. You have to come to my son with all your warts, all your sins. Don't try to clean up your life first, you'll always make a bigger mess.

You don't get better to go to the doctor, you come sick.

I sent my son to establish a Church. It is like a hospital, where even the doctors are sick, but you have to take the medicine if you want to get better. My son and his Church are largely ignored if not scorned. Listen to my son, follow his teachings, let him do the cleanup, no matter how spiritually sick you are, bring the mess to him. He cleaned up your sins on the cross. Take the medicine for your own good.

Heaven is real, and we mean business. In heaven, no Sunday Christians turned weekday pagans are allowed. They know better. My son cursed hypocrites.

In a certain sense, there's not many "saints" here. But there's lots and lots of sinners who repented. My son said that many harlots and prostitutes would come in, and many from the east and the west, but many children of the kingdom would be cast out.

You know, he's right. He's never been wrong, never will be.

Heaven is Real - Part 3 of 4

What do we do in heaven?

I can't tell you a millionth or a billionth or a trillionth of what it's like. That would give you an unfair advantage. On earth, you still have to go through a time of testing. I can't just throw people in heaven. They've got to do some homework. Some come the easy way. Some come the hard way. And some miss the boat altogether.

I want it this way so you can learn to trust me, and talk to me. We should have a conversation like this every day. I'm always here waiting. You're usually too busy ... or some other stupid excuse.

If you're hard of hearing, it's not like I didn't send my son to tell you so much it would take lifetimes to put it all into practice.

If I sometimes sound snippy, you've been positively stiff necked, arrogant, proud, and revolting a lot of times. I'm a good father, not a negligent one. The truth may be painful now, but it'll turn out to be your strength, joy, and consolation if you act on it.

Heaven is real, so I'll tell you a little what we do. We have a blast giving the best service to each other.

Love is in the air, thanks is the language.

Praise, adoration, songs, prayers - it's simply thanksgiving and deepest appreciation at it's best. These things are never dull, boring, tired. It's overabundant fun.

Everyone wants more of this, we all get such a charge each time. Some angels have not stopped worshiping and singing my praise for centuries.

But I have a better record. From all eternity, my infinite love for you has not stopped for a millisecond. Never has and never will.

Heaven is real. My son in me loves my son in you, loves my son in your brothers and sisters. It's the new life in Christ.

Did I say brothers and sisters? Pardon me, they are very poor symbols of the family bond here.

We'd die for each other if we had to, but I've decreed no more dying.

Bosom friends, soul mates? Still pretty poor words to describe it.

A united forever family reunion? Maybe. Let's party on !!!

Heaven is Real - Part 4 of 4

But enough. This is about you and the time you have left.

You like to be in control, to be in charge, don't you?

Well someday, you're going to die. I know when, and you don't.

Don't wait until your physical death. Because then it is too late.

But I'll make a deal. You die to your life of selfishness now, when you seem to be in control, and let me control your life, and you'll be in more control than you know.

You follow my laws, and you'll be more free than you know.

You accept my son now, as a little child, and all the kingdom of heaven - all it's power, riches, glory - will be inside of you like a tiny seed, just waiting to break forth at the end of your life on earth into a massive vibrant life, like a tree far bigger than the universe!

And then, when you come to the end of your life on earth, it won't be death.

Heaven is real. "It is in dying, that we are brought to eternal life." My gentle servant Francis of Assisi wrote that at the end of his peace prayer.

He just borrowed it from my apostle Paul who said that in dying, behold we live.

Of course, he was just borrowing it from my son, who said unless a grain of wheat die, it will remain alone. But if it die, it will bear much fruit. He also said that if you try to save your earthly life, you'll lose it. But if for his sake you lose your life, you'll really end up saving it.

Which is exactly what he did on the cross. Then he raised himself from the dead. He knows that heaven is real. He's only been here for all eternity.

You know all this of course. You're so smart, you can read this all for yourself. Why don't you read more of what my son said in the bible? It's called the Gospel, the Good News.

But you'd rather read or listen to the worldly news - the TV, radio, internet, newspaper. Which is a lot of bad news and wasted time for you.

To many would rather listen to philosophers, teachers, scientists - human sinners- a case of the blind leading the blind - rather than listen to my son. What about the excuse that you don't have time to read the bible (listening to me) or to pray (talking to me)? My question: How much wasted time do you spend on social media?

If you won't read the bible or at least listen to my bible teachers, it's going to come back and bite you big time. If you won't live it, that'll hurt you big time.

Heaven is real ... and so is hell.

In hell, as the people are tortured day and night without any relief, they hear over and over deep in their brain and throughout their whole being, all the words, all the scriptures that I use to speak the truth and warn them. Their worm - their conscience - the voices in their head - does not die.

Heaven is real. If I sound mean, go ahead and tell me. Tell me your feelings, like David my king did, who even brought his anger to me. Sometimes, he even said some pretty stupid things in his prayers to me. I cared not so much what he said, but the fact he brought the problem to me for help. I didn't call him stupid, but rather, a man after my own heart - even though he made a lot of stupid mistakes. That's because he knew where to come with all his problems.

If I sound mean, I am. I mean business. Like David, I'm willing to kill and punish all the Goliaths of this world to preserve my family forever, and keep my heaven free from those who choose to be wicked by rejecting my son and his salvation.

If you don't like to pray, tell me. That in itself is a prayer. Ask for big things - like that prayer become attractive to you, and a delight. And that keeping my law become easy, delightful, and a good habit. As James the Apostle wrote: All good thing comes to us from the Father of Lights.

Ask for big things. Ask for help in anything and everything. And I'd like to hear some real thanks from your heart once in awhile.

It's your choice. It's about your time on earth. It won't last.

You only have this time on earth to make your choice. Once you die, your choice is final. Your destiny is sealed forever.

You could die before you finish reading this senten

Heaven is real. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people who woke up this morning, will not wake up tomorrow morning.

Not choosing is a choice.

Put it off, you're a fool. So do it now.

If you don't accept the mercy, the gift of my son's life to free you from your sins, if you don't repent, and follow my son the way he wants you to, you will be stuck with your sins.

And you will be crucified in hell for them forever.

It's very serious business.

Now you can see why my son risked every humiliation and blasphemy and torture and death to save you from the crucifixion you deserve, and took it upon himself.

My son asked, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

With him, I also ask, what will you give in exchange for your soul? We paid an infinite price. That means a universe full of money is still worthless compared to what we paid.

Heaven is real. Any day you could die. Any minute.

You can't afford to blow this once-in-eternity chance. So don't blow it.

I said, Time will be no more. I meant that too.

It just wouldn't be fair to let a wicked world have it's cake and eat it too, especially when that world is making life so miserable for my family while they live on earth.

I'm not going to let them totally ruin my creation, my beautiful earth, and those people who let my son wash them in his precious blood and make them beautiful.

I said, I make all things new.

I am coming.

Heaven is real. Before my final coming to you on earth at your death, I invite you over and over, come, come, come.

My son said, Come to me, all who labor and are heavy burdened, and I will refresh you.

He made so many promises to those who choose to follow him, it would make your head spin.

We keep our promises. Never broken one once, never will.

Will the devils die for you? Can they keep all their promises? Have they lived forever in heaven? Are they as smart as we? Are they as powerful as we?

Stick them with the facts, and get us to help you get rid of those permanent vermin liars.

Heaven is real. The gates are always open, but no wicked thing can come through the doors.

Once again, we invite you to come. Remember, our way, not yours, or you'll botch it up big time.

Come, come, come.


All mighty God.

The Everlasting Father + The Prince of Peace.

Heaven is Real.

Thank your stars!

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