Poems in Memory of Mom

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Poems in memory of mom ...

My own mother departed this world over 30 years ago, hopefully for heaven.

My mother was born on Mother's Day - the second Sunday in May.

Whenever her birthday was on a Sunday, it always landed on Mother's Day.

A reason for double celebration!

I figure my mother would be happy - and honored - to share this with your mother and family, as a tribute to your own mother.

You are welcome to use this as a tribute. It could even be read as a funeral poem for your own mother.

40. Thank You, Mother!

     by Paul Berchtold, January, 2011

I think of you when I see the flower,
The ocean waves, the great vast deep,
You're a beautiful, hidden power.
When day is done, it's time to sleep,
Your memory I'll always keep ...

Thank you, Mother.

I think of you when I see the sunrise,
Clouds run by, the breezes blow,
Then at days end the color dies,
Memories, thoughts, come and flow,
May love for you more deeply grow ...

Thank you, Mother.

I think of you when I see the tree,
With seedlings growing at it's skirt,
You loved your family, it's plain to see,
Whether well-dressed, or hands in the dirt,
You healed and comforted every hurt ...

Thank you, Mother.

I think of you, watching stars at night,
The great expanse filled with space,
You are an angel shining bright,
Your time on earth was such a grace
In my heart you've a special place ...

Thank you, Mother.

I think of you when I have some pain,
No one makes it better than you,
Yet how many years you bore the strain,
Of heavy burdens and work to do,
Under your wings we quickly grew ...

Thank you, Mother.

I think of you as I'm getting old,
My hair turns slowly gray, then white,
You courage makes me strong and bold,
To face my fears, the dread of night,
Your dear sweet memory brings great delight ...

Thank you, Mother.

I think of you when it's time to go,
Home to heaven, our true family,
Your gentle influence will always grow,
You left a treasured legacy,
To help us reach our destiny ...

Thank you, Mother.

I think of you when I think of Jesus,
What he says, I'll just repeat,
His gratitude will greatly please us.
I hope to hear him, when we meet,
Tell his own dear mother Mary sweet ...

Thank you, Mother ... Thank you Mary !!!


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Poems in Memory of Mom

My mother was a true example of faithfulness. A diligent worker and caring mother, she gave us all a good example, gave wise advice, and prayed all day while working for her family, and died at the young age of 46.

I trust the Good Lord could say of her, "Well done, good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25:21-23)

May she be an example to all of us. May she rest in peace. Amen.

More Poems in Memory of Mom

I wrote another poem in memory of my mother, which could be used as a funeral or sympathy poem for a departed mother.

These poems could also be used in remembrance, as a memorial tribute.

My mother died just before Christmas. Christmas Future is another poem I wrote especially at Christmas time. It talks about Christmas in heaven, where they experience Christmas first-hand and forever.

Where, of course, our loved ones wait for us.

Thank your stars!

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