Mother's Love Poem
A Poem about a Mother's Love

Small Blue 6 Petal Flowers in Mary Garden
A mother's love poem, to honor the magic touch of mothers ...

Let us be grateful for

- all the hard work,

- the wise teaching,

- the faithful example

of a good mother.

A good mother gives her children the things that really count.

Things that last forever. Things that are truly valuable.

Take time to appreciate what only a mother can do.

133. Only You

     by Paul Berchtold, May, 2011

A family needs one another,
Only you can be a mother.

Fathers have an important part,
Only you can touch the heart.

Some chase after the latest style,
Only you bring such a warm smile.

We strive to win, sometimes we lose,
Only you can kiss a bruise.

When we worry or have some fear,
Only you melt away each tear.

Even on the loneliest night,
Only you can dispel the fright.

When we've got some hurt or sadness,
Only you can bring such gladness.

Some like to hurt, won't stop shoving,
Only you can keep on loving.

Our busy lives will soon be past,
Only you teach the things that last.

Some work so hard, they slave away,
Only you show, how best to pray.

Some chase the things that fill the eyes,
Only you show what's truly wise.

Some will buy things if they're cheaper,
Only you value things much deeper.

Some work hard to make a living,
Only you can keep on giving.

Sometimes our plans hit the landing,
Only you keep understanding,

The sun travels from east to west.
Every day, mother, may you be blest.


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