When is Labor Day
and the Labor Day Weekend?

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Labor Day in the United States of America is always on the first Monday in September.

The Labor Day weekend includes the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding.

For the exact dates of Labor Day for several years, see the list below.

When is Labor Day in the USA?

2010 - Monday, September 6

2011 - Monday, September 5

2012 - Monday, September 3

2013 - Monday, September 2

2014 - Monday, September 1

2015 - Monday, September 7

2016 - Monday, September 5

2017 - Monday, September 4

2018 - Monday, September 3

2019 - Monday, September 2

2020 - Monday, September 7

2021 - Monday, September 6

2022 - Monday, September 5

2023 - Monday, September 4

2024 - Monday, September 2

2025 - Monday, September 1

2026 - Monday, September 7

2027 - Monday, September 6

2028 - Monday, September 4

2029 - Monday, September 3

2030 - Monday, September 2

Labor Day in the USA

In the United States of America, summer unofficially begins with the Memorial Day holiday weekend at the end of May, and unofficially ends with the Labor Day weekend at the beginning of September.

Labor Day is the first Monday in September, so - for us in the northern hemisphere - this gives us 3 full months of summer - June, July, and August.

The Labor Day weekend is usually considered the last big activity of the summer before going back to school and back to work.

A Most Important Activity

As busy as you are at work or play, don't forget to spend time in prayer. Dedicate all you do for a higher purpose. Ask God to send his holy angels to keep you safe while working and playing, and to bring all you do to a successful conclusion.

Let us tell him our thanks for the gift of labor, and the lessons it teaches, and the success it brings.

Thank your stars!

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