When is Saint Patrick's Day?
Why do we celebrate it?
Why do people wear green?

Everybody should know when is Saint Patrick's Day - especially if you're Irish or want to be Irish. Don't forget to wear green or you might get pinched!

Saint Patrick's Day comes every March 17th.

On or around March 17th, many people wear something green, like a green shirt, sweater, hat, or tie.

Others prefer to wear a shamrock.

I like to wear my shamrock pin for a day or 2 before, on the day, and for some weeks after March 17th.

When is Saint Patrick's Day?

Saint Patrick's Day is the actual day Saint Patrick died about 1600 years ago in Ireland. It is a day to honor the life and patronage of Saint Patrick, who brought the whole country of Ireland to the light and knowledge of the Good News - the Gospel - of Christ through his missionary efforts.

Read more the capture, slavery, escape, preparation, and missionary activity, and miracles in the The True Story of Saint Patrick.

Why Do We Wear Green on Saint Patrick's Day?

On and around Saint Patrick's Day, many people wear something green - a hat, shirt, sweater, tie, and especially the shamrock. But why?

The color green is symbolic of several things:

  • It's a symbol of the winter of spiritual darkness in Ireland changing into the hope and growth of spiritual springtime when Patrick preached the faith, and new converts came to Christianity.
  • Ireland is called a Green Island or the Emerald Isle. Emerald is a gem. The color emerald is a light and bright shade of green with a blue tint in it, after the emerald gemstone. Ireland is called the Emerald Isle because it enjoys a rainfall climate and ocean humidity that allows lush green growth, such as grasses for sheep to eat. Remember, Patrick was a shepherd in captivity.
  • And let's not forget that the shamrock Patrick used to explain the mystery of the Trinity was a young 3 leaf clover, which is green.

We should not wear green - or the shamrock - as a good luck charm.

Instead. it should remind us of a great hero - Saint Patrick - who gave Ireland a precious heritage - the faith.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Thank Your Stars!

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