When is Palm Sunday?

Exactly when is Palm Sunday? Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter.

Because Easter Sunday is a "movable" feast, the date changes every year according to the date of Easter Sunday.

To figure out the date of Palm Sunday, first find the date of Easter Sunday. Then just go back a full week - 7 days earlier - and that Sunday is Palm Sunday. Since Easter Sunday occurs between March 22 at the earliest and April 25 at the latest, Palm Sunday occurs between March 15 at the earliest and April 18 at the latest.

Or simply, look at the chart below.

Palm Sunday Dates

2010 - Sunday, March 28

2011 - Sunday, April 17

2012 - Sunday, April 1

2013 - Sunday, March 24

2014 - Sunday, April 13

2015 - Sunday, March 29

2016 - Sunday, March 20

2017 - Sunday, April 9

2018 - Sunday, March 25

2019 - Sunday, April 14

2020 - Sunday, April 5

2021 - Sunday, March 28

2022 - Sunday, April 10

2023 - Sunday, April 2

2024 - Sunday, March 24

2025 - Sunday, April 13

2026 - Sunday, March 29

2027 - Sunday, March 21

2028 - Sunday, April 9

2029 - Sunday, March 25

2030 - Sunday, April 14

When does Palm Sunday occur?

Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week, considered to be the holiest week in the church liturgy and church calendar.

That's because Holy Week commemorates the events of the sufferings and death of Jesus on the cross, and then his glorious resurrection from the dead early Easter Sunday morning.

When is the Palm Sunday Procession?

The Palm Sunday procession commemorates the entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem, as we read in the story of Palm Sunday. It is held in many churches according to their custom, usually before the main service on Palm Sunday.

In some places, and if the late winter / early Spring weather allows, it is held outside the church.

Otherwise, it is often held inside the church.

There are special songs and prayers as people walk. Some churches use ancient languages and chants that have been used for hundreds of years.

The people often hold their palm branches high, to praise Christ as King forever.

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