When is Independence Day
in the United States of America?

When is Independence Day? - aka - the 4th of July?

In the United States of America, Independence Day is celebrated each year on July 4th, also known as the Fourth of July. It is the date of Independence for Americans.

Independence Day is a federal holiday. When July 4th lands on a weekend, there is still a work holiday. If July 4th is on a Saturday, the work holiday observance is on a Friday, July 3rd. If July 4th lands on a Sunday, the next day, Monday, July 5th, is the holiday off work.

This next chart gives the day of the week that Independence Day lands on in a given year, and the work holiday observance, good for 20 years.

July 4th HolidayWork Holiday Observance

2011 - Monday, July 4th2011 - Monday, July 4th

2012 - Wednesday, July 4th2012 - Wednesday, July 4th

2013 - Thursday, July 4th2013 - Thursday, July 4th

2014 - Friday, July 4th2014 - Friday, July 4th

2015 - Saturday, July 4th2015 - Friday, July 3rd

2016 - Monday, July 4th2016 - Monday, July 4th

2017 - Tuesday, July 4th2017 - Tuesday, July 4th

2018 - Wednesday, July 4th2018 - Wednesday, July 4th

2019 - Thursday, July 4th2019 - Thursday, July 4th

2020 - Saturday, July 4th2020 - Friday, July 3rd

2021 - Sunday, July 4th2021 - Monday, July 5th

2022 - Monday, July 4th2022 - Monday, July 4th

2023 - Tuesday, July 4th2023 - Tuesday, July 4th

2024 - Thursday, July 4th2024 - Thursday, July 4th

2025 - Friday, July 4th2025 - Friday, July 4th

2026 - Saturday, July 4th2026 - Friday, July 3rd

2027 - Sunday, July 4th2027 - Monday, July 5th

2028 - Tuesday, July 4th2028 - Tuesday, July 4th

2029 - Wednesday, July 4th2029 - Wednesday, July 4th

2030 - Thursday, July 4th2030 - Thursday, July 4th

What is Independence Day?

Independence Day recalls the event of July 4th, 1776, when the United States of America, in the middle of the American revolution, made a declaration against the grievances of English rule, now known as the Declaration of Independence. Read more about the meaning of Independence Day.

Independence Day Celebration - Is Something Missing?

People in the United States of America celebrate the July 4th holiday in many different ways.

  • Picnics, barbecues, swimming, camping, boating.
  • Hanging the flag, parades, marches, music, fireworks.
  • Carnival, amusement rides, fun at a theme park.

Some people even plan their annual or summer vacation around the July 4th holiday.

Some even have a big family re-union at this time.

If this is all there is, than a very important activity is missing.

The Missing Ingredient

With all the celebrations on July 4th, how many of us remember to pray for our nation, and for the leaders, soldiers, citizens and inhabitants from the greatest to the least?

And how many of us remember to thank God for the privileges and blessings we have received - especially keeping in mind that past generations fought and struggled - and died - to develop this nation and obtain and preserve its freedoms?

This should be our first thought and focus for the day, not the last. And the focus of every day of our lives.

Songs to Celebrate - Happy Birthday America!

Independence Day is a time of celebrating America's birthday as a new and independent country.

In my younger days, in family and / or in school, we would sing the Happy Birthday song to America.

And we'd sing:

  • "God bless America",
  • "My Country 'tis of Thee",
  • "O Beautiful for Spacious Skies" aka "America the Beautiful',
  • and parts of "Oh, Say Can You See..." aka "The Star-Spangled Banner."

We learned some of these patriotic songs at school, but remember, for most of the United States, school is out, and the children are on summer vacation. It's up to parents to help teach what the Fourth of July is all about.

Let's Pray for our Country

It's easy to say or sing, "Happy Birthday America! God bless America!" Mom and Dad taught us to be proud of our country. We prayed together as a family for our country a lot. And we prayed for the whole world - every day!

We always started our July 4th holiday by going to church together.

While we ask God to bless our country, we must each do our work every day to be worthy of his blessings.

>>> God only makes a country great with God-fearing people. <<<

Thank your stars!

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