When is Good Friday?

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When is Good Friday?

Good Friday is the second day of the Sacred Triduum in Holy Week, just before Easter Sunday.

For more information on the Sacred Triduum, go to What is Good Friday.

Good Friday is 2 days before Easter Sunday. The date of Easter Sunday changes every year, because it is a "movable" feast, based on:

  1. the first day of spring,
  2. when the full moon occurs,
  3. and on what day of the week it falls.

All of these things can change. Find out more about this on finding the Easter Sunday date.

Dates for Good Friday

2020 - Friday, April 10

2021 - Friday, April 2

2022 - Friday, April 15

2023 - Friday, April 7

2024 - Friday, March 29

2025 - Friday, April 18

2026 - Friday, April 3

2027 - Friday, March 26

2028 - Friday, April 14

2029 - Friday, March 30

2030 - Friday, April 19

2031 - Friday, April 11

2032 - Friday, March 26

2033 - Friday, April 15

2034 - Friday, April 7

2035 - Friday, March 23

2036 - Friday, April 11

2037 - Friday, April 3

2038 - Friday, April 23

2039 - Friday, April 8

2040 - Friday, March 30

2041 - Friday, April 19

2042 - Friday, April 4

2043 - Friday, March 27

2044 - Friday, April 15

2045 - Friday, April 7

2046 - Friday, March 23

2047 - Friday, April 12

2048 - Friday, April 3

2049 - Friday, April 16

2050 - Friday, April 8

Good Friday is at the Time of Passover

The very first Good Friday came at Passover time. Jesus died on the day of Passover.

He said no one would take his life away from him, but that he would lay down his life willingly.

His enemies did not want to execute him during the week of Passover, especially not on Passover day, because of the crowds of people who supported Jesus.

But Jesus died on Passover, because it was the will of his Father, and he laid down his life on his terms, not his enemies.

Everything his enemies did, was to prove to the honor and glory of the true Messiah.

Why Jesus Died on Passover

Jesus died on the Passover to fulfill the prophecies of Passover.

For more on the Passover and Jewish feasts, go to the True Meaning of Thanksgiving.

God instituted the first Passover feast to the people of Israel, when he miraculously delivered them from slavery to the Egyptians, provided they offered and sacrificed lamb. They were to observe this every year in detail, so they would recognize the true Passover when he came.

God gave the Messiah to all the people, when he gave his own son to deliver us from the slavery of sin and the devil, when he provided the infinite sacrifice, the true Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. He fulfilled - in detail - every prophecy foretelling the Messiah, before he died.

Thank your stars.

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