Gratitude Story about a Janitor

One of the best stories about janitors I've heard that has an important lesson in gratitude.

This story shows how something very little made a big difference for a janitor, her employer, and the company she worked for.

I heard this story, so I don't know where to source it, I'm retelling it to the best of my ability.

Attention to the Smallest Detail

A lady worked as a janitor in a company for many years.

Now being a janitor is a pretty thankless job, which many of us might consider as a "dirty" job or at least pretty far down the totem pole. In other words, probably not a whole lot of fun.

It happened the company changed owners. Within a few days, the new owner wrote a personal thank you card to every employee in the company. He had his assistant go around and hand them out.

When this lady received and opened her card, she burst into tears. She asked if she could be excused from work. Thinking she was sick, she was allowed leave for the rest of the day.

What Really Happened.

What the story was - they found out a few days later - she had never received even a verbal thank you from the previous owners and management - much less a personal card.

And she had worked there 20 or 30 years !

So she was really touched when the new owner sent her a card of appreciation.

And ... she had been thinking the change of ownership was probably a good time to quit.

And ... she she was planning to let them know that very day.

Which she didn't. Because the little time, the little extra effort of the owner to send a little business thank you card, helped the lady change her mind.

Pay Attention to this "Small" Detail.

I hope you enjoyed this thank you story about a janitor. We all can take a few lessons to heart.

Go the extra mile. Thank your stars, and pray for them. You're a star when you do.

Sometimes saying it is not enough. You can document it with a simple thank you card or note.

Then send it on it's way - with a prayer - to touch the hearts and lives of your family and friends. And your customers, partners, employees, and suppliers. And so many others we often take for granted.

Keep your stars shining! Thank your stars!

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