Short Memorial Day Poem
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"The Silence Remembers"

White Gravestone with 2 Flags
This short Memorial Day poem - just 4 verses long - is a patriotic poem to honor our military heroes, particularly the departed.

The setting is a cemetery, and includes flashbacks to memories of battle.

It can be understood from the viewpoint of one who suffers survivor's guilt.

It is the battle of the mind when confronted with death, and silence, and loneliness, and grief.

There is inspiration. There is hope. Never give up hope!

148. The Silence Remembers

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

So quiet. So peaceful. A hush over all.
Gentle sunbeams through the trees fall.
Not a sound of brave men dying,
Only the trees are softly sighing,
"Liberty." Yes, they paid the price.

How so unfair that some are gone,
While we continue living on,
This cost of freedom gives me grief,
Then whispers every branch and leaf,
"Equality." Yes, they're alive.

Shouts into my mind come crashing,
Noise of battles, armies clashing,
Hush! These men died for each other,
The wind itself, breathes like no other,
"Fraternity." Yes, we're family.

A peace. A calm. Deep in my mind,
A comfort unexplained I find,
An inspiration comes to me,
A one word prayer for my country,
"Unity." Yes, we will meet again.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
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Memorial Day is a Time for Reflection

Some people do not want to think about death. They say it's too sad.

The wise Solomon said, "It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart. (Ecclesiastes 7:2) The reality is, that we all must die. This life has joys, but also sorrows.

Our true destiny is Heaven.. We must "work out our salvation in fear and trembling," (Philippians 2:12) Yet, when we understand what Heaven is, it is so much a better place than this sinful, sick, broken world, that there is no comparison.

For those who live a life of preparation for Heaven, there is inspiration and encouragement for a much better place - even in sad times.

"We do not sorrow as those who have no hope." (1 Thessalonians 4:13)

Thank your stars !!!

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