Retirement Limericks and Toasts

Nice Mushroom Top Pattern I wrote these retirement limericks for those who are retiring from work, job, service, school, etc. There are 20 limerick verses to choose from.

Limericks work well, because they are short, sweet, and easy to include in a retirement greeting card. Many of them could also be used as retirement toasts.

Is someone retiring? You don't want to miss this unique, one time opportunity to appreciate the hard work, dedication, and commitment to work.

Thank you, hard workers, for your service to your company, your family, your community, your country, and the world. Thank you for giving us some of the best years of your life!

You've gained much from the experience. No doubt, you've learned a few lessons in the school of hard knocks. We hope you'll spend your new life ahead, helping the next generation by your prayers, words, and example, to heaven, the ultimate retirement destination.

Retirement Limericks

     by Paul Berchtold, February, 2012

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provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

200. Golden Years Ahead

Don't become an antique olden,
On a ledge to all beholden.
Go share your treasures,
Beyond all measures,
Retirement years are golden!

201. More Work, Buddy!

You've earned some prosperity,
Now work for all posterity,
So start getting fired
Be really re-tired,
Help one and all reach destiny!

202. We Will Miss You!

You're now leaving the workers' game.
Off to find your fortune and fame!
You are free to roam,
Enjoy time at home,
Still we will miss you all the same.

203. Retirement Toast

Congratulations we're sending,
With our highest recommending,
To you our friend dear,
Let's all give a cheer,
To the new life you'll be spending.

204. Your Real Work Begins

You're finding out time really flies,
Over the years you've grown so wise,
Since you're so clever,
The best thing ever,
Share the wisdom no money buys.

205. The Extra Long Weekend

It's hard for us to comprehend,
We say good-bye to you, good friend.
May the days be fine,
The sun always shine,
On this your extra long weekend!

206. Good to Go. But Where?

Hi ho, hi ho, it's finally so,
I'm off from work, I'm good to go.
If you ask me where,
I can not declare.
What I will do? I do not know!

207. Retirement Planning

You'd think that now I'd have some time,
To walk, to read, compose a rhyme,
But I fall so deep,
In my chair asleep,
And sail on past the morning chime.

208. Sleeping Duty

You've been so tired while working, so,
Been hard to stay awake I know,
You want to retire?
Well sleep on, sire,
Too bad we'll have to let you go!

209. New Job Description

I think it's good to be retired,
It's much better than getting fired!
But ponder this,
Retirement is,
A nice way to say you're not hired!

210. Treasures of the Mind

Retirement? Please! Let me be bold.
Don't think about getting old,
Keep using your mind,
And that's how you'll find,
Treasures greater than piles of gold.

211. The Secret's Out

At work they looked into the file,
And found out you've been there awhile.
They'll show you the door.
Could you ask for more?
Except to now not go senile!

212. Warm Gratitude

Grateful thanks for your legacy.
You've now earned your working degree!
So as you retire,
Keep alight your fire,
To reach your final destiny!

213. Graduating - From Work!

Congratulations, our dear mate,
From work you now will graduate.
It's hard to believe,
You're ready to leave.
We'll miss you walking through the gate.

214. Surprise at Work

Surprise, surprise, what's been brewing?
Leaving us? New things pursuing?
O what will we do,
By not having you,
We hope it won't be our undoing!

215. The Ultimate Retirement

An angel came from heaven sent,
With an important announcement,
You're never retired,
Until you've expired,
And heaven's the last pronouncement.

216. The Best Retirement

The best retirement ever,
The best of any endeavor,
Is in God's eyes,
To live truly wise,
Come home to heaven forever.

217. Retirement Blessings

For years you've been slaving away,
Waiting to see this very day.
But let us mention,
Our best intention,
That you be blessed. For this we pray.

218. Giving Thanks on Your Retirement

One more assignment we must do,
With grateful hearts we bid adieu.
On this last work day,
To God we now pray,
Thanking Him for giving us you!

219. Worker Appreciation

I've heard you have retired of late,
I write this to appreciate,
Your very hard work,
You deserve this perk,
May happy days become your fate.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these retirement limericks, provided you follow the
Poem Terms and Conditions.

Encourage and Inspire

When someone retires, it's a special opportunity to show appreciation for what that person has done.

It's also a great chance to inspire and encourage the retiree in his or her new life.

Retirement comes with many changes. Many people get a bit lost for a while. It may seem they are no longer useful.

Nothing is further from the truth. One wise old pastor, a mentor friend of mine, who passed away at the age of 82, told me years ago that when someone retires, they usually may have 15 good years of service left for God, family, neighbors, etc.

Retire with Hope

It's a sad fact of life. As we get older - and we're all getting older - our body starts falling apart. We experience more aches and pains. As I like to say, we start popping out more and more in different places!

However, we all have very valuable unseen gifts on the inside. Even as we get old, even if we get sick, we can use more and more our minds, our hearts, our souls in the service of God and neighbor.

These are gifts that never grow old. In fact, with God's help, we can always become younger and stronger and wiser and brighter - on the inside!

Planning for the Future

We don't know how much time we have left on earth. As each day passes, we know it is one day less. Retirement is a reminder that we're getting closer to eternity.

Many people don't make it to retirement. Many people don't live long after retirement, especially if they don't have a plan to live a fruitful life.

Retirement Limericks and the Ultimate Retirement Plan

No one is guaranteed a long life. Some do. Many don't. But no matter how long we live, compared to eternity, life is short. Time flies so fast. Just ask a retiree!

At some time, we all must leave this world. How important that we prepare for heaven, our true home.

Reminders of Heaven

We all can use some reminding that:

  • Heaven is the place of eternal retirement.
  • Heaven is the place of rest from our labors in the service of God and neighbor.
  • Heaven is the reward God has prepared for each of us.
  • In heaven, God will show his his love and thanks to each one of us forever. He has made a special place for each one of us in his home. He wants to appreciate every little thing we did for him and others. It really should be more like us thanking him forever for doing so much for us.
Anything good requires some effort, including following God's plan to get to heaven. But remember, "the retirement plan is out of this world."

The Purpose of the Golden Years

Sometimes, we're tempted to think we can't make a difference in the short time we have left on earth.

In the last 3 years of his life, Jesus taught 12 rough fishermen the Good News of the Gospel. For the most part, they weren't the smartest people, maybe they couldn't even read. They sure didn't get the message very well, and when Jesus died, they all ran away. That's because they were afraid, scared of the Jewish and Roman leaders, scared of what people would think.

After Jesus died, rose, and went to heaven, once they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they became the first pillars in the Church, which has lasted now 2000 years.

This shows that God can use anyone who is willing to do his work, no matter how young, how old, how strong, how weak and frail - or how little time we think we have.

Thank your stars!

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