Religious Easter Poems

I wrote these 2 religious Easter poems in 2 different years. There are a variety of unique Easter poems published on this site.

Writing the first poem got me thinking about some Easter celebrations years ago in our seminary. "Who keeps ringing the bell?" I'll tell you the story after the poems.

The second poem is addressed to the angels at Easter.

117. Ring the Bell !

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2011

The night is dark and full of gloom,
Black and thick the veil,
Hark a sound ! A crash ! A boom !
Quick now ! Ring the bell !

Ring the bell as warning,
Ring the bell with might.
The bell this early morning,
What is all the fright?

There is a great big earthquake,
Men have fallen, can't even yell,
Not a move they now can make,
But you go run ! And ring the bell !

Ring the bell, use your power,
Ring the bell, let it sing,
Way up high in the tower,
On this morn in spring.

In this morning early,
The earth shakes all that dwell,
On earth a power most surely,
Is released ! Go ring the bell !

Ring the bell with fervor,
Ring the bell all 'round,
Come with youthful vigor,
Come and "see" the sound.

Empty is the garden tomb.
Jesus is alive and well !
Satan has met his final doom.
Heaven is opened ! Ring the bell !

Ring the bell to countryside,
Ring the bell in every place,
Heaven's gates are opened wide,
God pours on us abundant grace !

The sun is slowly rising,
This day God conquered hell,
Jesus rises, all surprising,
Quick now ! Ring the bell !

Ring the bell so glorious,
Ring it loud and long,
Hear the bell victorious,
Break forth into song !

The sun is shining brightly,
But brighter, who can tell,
Is Jesus, God almighty,
With power ! Ring the bell !

Ring the bell with cheers,
Ring the bell again,
God wipes away our tears,
And takes away our pain.

Broken are the sinful chains,
The ropes of sin, they fell.
Christ conquers death and gently reigns,
Grab his rope ! And ring the bell !

Ring the bell with clamor,
Ring the bell with clout,
Hit hard the little hammer,
Spread the word and shout !

Joy to souls, new life, new breath,
These things did Christ foretell,
Now risen from his grave of death,
We too shall rise ! Go ring the bell !

Ring the bell, let it swing,
Ring the bell, ding and dong,
Hear the music angels sing,
Never ending rising song !

Alleluia ! comes from heaven's birth.
Alleluia ! sing all the angels.
Alleluia ! to all who live on earth.
Now everywhere ! Ring all the bells !

Ring all the bells all glorious,
Ring them now and ever,
Hear all the bells victorious,
Their song rings on forever.

255. Easter Angels

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2012

Angels, raise
Songs of praise.
"He is risen!"

Angels, call
Unto all,
"He is risen!"

Let all hear:
"Have no fear,
"He is risen!"

Angels, tell,
Even yell,
"He is risen!"

Angels, go
Tell them so!
"He is risen!"

Angels, say,
"Yes! Today,
He is risen!"

Angels, shout,
All about,
"He is risen!"

Angels, spread:
"From the dead,
He is risen!"

"This word keep,
Do not weep,
He is risen!"

Angels, clap!
Your wings flap!
"He is risen!"

Trumpets blow!
Glory show!
"He is risen!"

Angels sing!
Now our King,
"He is risen!"


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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Poems help us celebrate the joy of Easter. Easter is one of the biggest feasts in the Church calendar.

About Ringing Bells at Easter

In some locations and traditions, the bells are not rung for 3 days in Holy Week, from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday, out of reverence for the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So when the bells rings, it is for the joyful occasion of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

After the 3 somber days, it is good to once again hear the bells ring.

And if you're fortunate to be a bell-ringer, it is good to be able once again to joyfully ring the bells.

Thank your stars !

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