Poems for Teacher Retirement

These original poems for teacher retirement are written by a teacher, for teachers.

The work of teaching goes on. These 2 poems reflect the fact that we're always teaching, by our words and by our example, even if we aren't in the classroom anymore.

When the formal years of teaching are over, it's good to know that our work lives on in the lives of those we influence - parents, students, and for generations to come.

126. Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2011

Today we pause, when we reflect,
Our hearts tell us, that we're correct,
You always are a teacher.

Teachers really aren't retired,
That's just how the brain is wired,
You always are a teacher.

You have so much to share and give,
It's just the way you really live,
You always are a teacher.

If first teaching made you queasy,
Years of practice made it easy,
You always are a teacher.

You may not need a word to say,
Your light keeps shining bright as day,
You always are a teacher.

The time has come, your homework's done,
We wish you ever so much fun,
You always are a teacher.

We will miss you in the classroom,
New fields await to see you bloom,
You always are a teacher.

May you shine on, in words and deeds,
The wisdom that this world needs,
You always are a teacher.

As we show appreciation,
May you have this satisfaction,
You always are a teacher.

127. You Live On!

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2011

You live on in days retired,
In the pupils that you inspired,
You lit the flame they carry high,
Now see it over the world fly.

You live on in parent's hearts,
Together well you did your parts,
To see with growing satisfaction,
Training up this generation.

You live on in student's lives,
Who have become husbands, wives,
Some are parents with children dear,
You have a part, deserve our cheer.

You live on for generations,
What you teach is building nations.
The seed you've been busy sowing,
Will day by day keep on growing.

You live on in memory deep.
Your legacy is what we'll keep.
If every church needs a preacher,
Every person needs a teacher.

You live on in our grateful mind,
How hard it is the right words find.
To thank you for your work done well,
Where it will end, can scarcely tell.

You live on in grateful spirit,
May you rejoice when you hear it,
You're an angel, a shining star,
May your light shine near and far.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these poems, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Poems for Teacher Retirement

For more poems for teacher retirement, check out the other teacher poems, found on the teacher appreciation pages. Many of them can be adapted to suit your situation.

I enjoyed writing these special poems for teachers. I was a teacher for years.

I am no longer able to teach full time in the classroom because of disabilities, but I am thankful that through my poems, photos, and writing online, I can still be a teacher.

I hope you find these poems useful. I hope they inspire and encourage you and all your teachers.

Thank your stars!

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