Poem on Independence Day
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"U-N-I-T-E-D ...  or ... U-N-T-I-E-D"

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This is an unusual poem on Independence Day.

It comes from a mistake I had been making for months. Almost every time I typed "United" States of America into my writings, I typed it too fast and it came out "Untied" States of America. Same exact letters, just the "i" and "t" are switched, which makes an almost exactly opposite meaning!

It's a reminder to US Americans that if we neglect certain things, we could lose our rich heritage, our history, our culture, our freedoms - as many other countries in the world have already.

U-N-I-T-E-D ... or ... U-N-T-I-E-D.

This should give us some pause for thinking. Maybe, we don't deserve to be united any more. If we become indifferent or ungrateful, God can always untie us real quick!

It is worth our time and effort for each of us to think on this and pray about it.

This poem ends in a prayer for unity.

150. United or Untied

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

July 4th has finally come,
Across America today,
From rich and poor, the young and old,
We wish our land Happy Birthday!

If we don't reflect together,
If we do not have lawful pride,
Instead of being states united,
We could become the states untied.

Let us be thankful for pilgrims,
Coming to serve one another,
Wanting to serve God in freedom,
Each one as sister and brother.

If we don't learn our history,
Why this crossing the ocean wide.
Instead of being states united,
We could become the states untied.

Many brave men formed this nation,
And brave women, and children too,
Many fought bravely for freedom,
Liberty for both me and you.

If we forget to be grateful,
For such hard work, too soon they died,
Instead of being states united,
We could become the states untied.

Let us show thanks for our freedoms,
Let us each do well our duty,
We've been given so much on earth,
In this land of wealth and beauty.

If we lack appreciation,
For this land in which we abide,
Instead of being the states united,
We could become the states untied.

Let us gather all together,
Whether we kneel or sit or stand,
We must pray with all our hearts,
God bless each corner of our land.

If we don't pray for our country,
If we don't have God on our side,
Instead of being the states united,
We could become the states untied.

Throughout our span of history,
In good times and stormy weather,
There is a glue that strongly binds,
God is what holds us together.

God, grant to us true unity,
May you with us be delighted,
No matter our diversity,
Keep American States United!


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Poems About America - The Source of Peace and Unity

Peace and Unity go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other.

God alone is the source of peace and unity. He alone is perfect.

We men have a fallen human nature. We are sinners, needing God's salvation.

Even the best of people are sometimes fickle, temperamental, make poor judgments, make mistakes. Even with the best of intentions, we are limited, we can misunderstand, and others can suffer because of us.

All our efforts to peace and unity on our own are wasted.

All the efforts to world peace and unity are also wasted, UNLESS it is based on the laws of God.

If there is a resemblance of peace without God, it is a false peace, and will not last, and will bring no fruit for eternity.

Poems About America's Unity - Look to History

A good comparison of man's peace and God's peace is the time Christ was born.

The Romans had declared a time of Roman peace, known today as Pax Romana. It simply meant that the Romans were not fighting any wars.

But during that time, Herod killed the innocent boys 2 years and younger in Bethlehem.

Roman citizens continued to have slaves (many individuals had thousands of slaves), some of them were terribly and unjustly treated and put to death, the Romans continued to execute many innocent victims, etc.

Jesus came on earth because He alone can bring true peace, He alone is the Prince of Peace.

In fact, the armies from Heaven praised God, announcing the Good News, saying, "Glory to God on high, and peace on earth to men of good will." (Luke 2:14)

By the way, the "Roman Peace" lasted only 7 years, about the longest in the history of Rome!

This Poem is a Lesson for US

What happened to Herod? He's dead. He was so cruel, he ordered people killed after he died just so someone would be crying at his funeral! He was so cruel, even he knew no one would want to cry at his good riddance. In fact, everyone would rejoice.

What happened to Rome, that great empire that became haughty and arrogant?

Many of the citizens became so wealthy, and lazy, and cruel, that they would see people kill each other, or animals fight to death with people, just for entertainment and sports.

But over time, barbarians came and destroyed them.

This Poem is a Reminder What Could Happen to US

Unless we recognize God as the source of unity, there is no unity.

Good people can never be truly united with wicked people.

People are only good when by the grace of God they follow his laws.

We must never sacrifice truth and justice and honesty and other values just to get along with people, just to look like we are united.

God Makes a Majority

We can only enjoy true unity if we are united to God, even if we are in a minority.

Because God and one person with him makes a majority against the whole rest of the world, if need be.

God all by himself is infinitely more powerful and wise than billions, trillions and zillions of people put together.

Thank your stars!

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