Pastor Wife Prayer Poem of Thanks

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This pastor wife prayer poem of thanks is especially for the wives of pastors.

This poem has good food for thought for any wife or mother, for example on Mothers Day. It can easily be adapted to your particular circumstances.

So if you're busy in the swing of things, cleaning the house or washing the dishes or cooking, take a moment to pray a little thank you for God's blessings.

20. Pastor Wife Prayer Poem of Thanks

     by Paul Berchtold, October, 2010

Thank you Lord for making me,
Helper to my husband pastor.
Lead him and our family,
Home to Heaven, Dearest Master.

Thank you Lord, for giving me,
Health and energy, zest for life.
May I always wisely use these,
Help me be a faithful wife.

Whether I clean, wash, or cook,
Make me faithful in little things,
For then as written in your Book,
You'll send more of Your blessings.

Greater things like my spouse,
Children, family and friends,
All those living in my house,
And the whole world without end.

Use me and my pots and pans,
Remind me, please, now and then,
That by being your little hands,
I'm helping your own fishermen.

And when tired, bored or weary,
Full of sorrow, feeling pain,
I need your comfort, may I hear You,
Have no fear, My grace sustains.

And when my final days are come,
The pots and pans are put away,
Let me fly held by your arms,
With your wings to brightest day.

Thank you Lord for making me
Helper to my husband pastor
Lead him and our family,
Home to Heaven, Dearest Master.


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