Pastor Retirement Poem -
A Poem Tribute for the Pastor

Golden sunset on the ridge, unique clouds, light coming through evergreen trees standing at different levels and distances like sentinels.

I took this peaceful golden sunset photo 6 days before posting this page.
A nice fit for the golden years of retirement.

A comment on the photo.

If you take careful notice, you can see the sun in this photo. It's setting right on the ridge, in the middle of the middle clump of trees.

This pastor retirement poem can be used as a tribute for the pastor.

It may be a good fit for an elderly pastor, missionary, or church worker.

It may be especially appropriate for a retiring or retired pastor.

Tribute to a Pastor

12. The Sacred Closing of the Day

     by Paul Berchtold, August 2010

The sun quickly rose, the day broke forth,
The dew, the air, so fresh, so cool,
Youth and energy and life and zest,
Time to use your talent pool.

The day grew hotter, tired and thirsty,
Strength is leaving slowly.
Not so easy, not so fast,
Working the vineyard, helping the lowly.

Mid afternoon, the unbearable heat,
Scorches the grass, the tree leaves wilt.
But you endured, you've grown mature,
Done your best to the hilt.

You prayed and preached you worked so hard,
Faced the grind with sweat and tears,
Looking back it went so fast,
Gone the passing years.

Many times your hopes were dashed,
What you planned fell to pieces,
Now look up, your ultimate redemption,
Is soon coming. It's Jesus.


Jesus is with you all your life,
He thanks you for your labor,
The hard work, the toil, the grime.
He refreshes you. He's your Savior.


The sun is setting, age advances,
Health and youth and energy fade,
Scars are left from all the battles,
Now you're thankful for the shade.

A cool breeze blows, the sun turns glorious,
The moment is golden, soft and bright,
You're older, deeper, gentler, wiser,
Because inside you have the Light.

The sun is setting, but it's going round,
Starting a new day on earth,
When Heaven calls, you're welcome to
Forever renewal, continual rebirth.

The sun is setting, savor the moment,
Discover the beauty, call His name,
Shine your light to those in darkness,
Yours is the gentle peaceful flame.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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Here's another poem, The Very Best Pastor Appreciation.

You might be thinking that to say "the Very Best" is a bit arrogant. This poem might surprise you.

It surprised me too. I was blessed to have this inspiration.

May it inspire and encourage you and others.

Thank your stars!

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