Palm Sunday Poem

Palms and American Flag with Stars in a Church

This Palm Sunday poem tells the story of Palm Sunday.

Jesus came in humility.

Jesus will come again in majesty, power, and glory.

If you aren't familiar what happened on Palm Sunday, it might be helpful to read the Palm Sunday story first, to better understand this poem.

121. Palm Sunday Anthem

     by Paul Berchtold, April, 2011

Jesus rides a donkey,
Through the city gate,
He is the gentle ruler,
Of every nation state.

(This chorus is sung at the end of each verse.
Some of the participants chant "for-e-ver, for-e-ver"
as background towards the end of each line)

All you people sing!
     (...forever, forever...)
All the children bring!
     (...forever, forever...)
All our praises ring!
     (...forever, forever...)
Jesus is the King!
     (...forever, forever...)
     (...forever, forever...)

Christ enters the city,
Named the place of peace,
Foretells our heaven homeland,
Where joy will never cease.

All you people sing!
All the children bring!
All our praises ring!
Jesus is the King!

The people sing hosannas,
Christ is king and lord,
Messiah who redeems us,
By all will be adored.


The people welcome Jesus,
They raise a shout of cheer,
But there are those who hate him,
They laugh and mock and jeer.

The enemies of Jesus,
Protest this grand procession,
Jesus says the very rocks,
Would cry out their confession.

Christ has come to die for us,
In a few short days,
Then the third day after,
From the dead he'll raise.

Christ over the city looks,
It causes him to weep,
So many will reject him,
Despite his sufferings deep.

Christ is coming once again,
Comes with greatest might,
Putting all things back to new,
He shines with glory bright,

The devils are all vanquished,
By Christ's gentle power,
He will crush them underfoot,
In that final hour.

Christ alone has conquered,
Sin and death and hell,
Freeing us from bondage,
Let us thank him well.

Good people, come now, greet him,
Welcome with your praise,
Children, come now, meet him,
Your joyful songs now raise.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share this poem, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Palm Sunday Poetry

This poem for Palm Sunday remind us how Jesus first came into the city of Jerusalem, as a humble, gentle king, riding on a donkey on a very rocky road, coming from Jericho and Bethany in the east, and coming over the Mount Olivet (Mount of Olives) hill.

Even amid the rejoicing, he stopped on Olivet hill to weep as the city came into view. There are still olive trees growing there today that were growing there when Jesus came 2000 years ago.

He came, knowing that he was going to his own humiliating and painful death, to satisfy his father's justice, and open heaven to us.

But a Palm Sunday poem that ended there just wouldn't be complete.

Jesus will come again, in great majesty, power, and glory, to the praise of all his friends, and the utter confusion and humiliation of his enemies.

"Jerusalem" ("Jer - shalom") means "city of peace." We hope to rejoice with Jesus in the new Jerusalem forever, a city of no more dying, crying, or pain, but only new life, love, and thanksgiving.

This Palm Sunday Poem Could Someday be a Hymn

When I wrote this poem, I had a simple tune kept going around in my head.

This Palm Sunday poem could be set to music, and sung as a simple anthem, chant, or even a hymn.

If not here on earth, maybe in heaven - maybe even with the help of the angels.

Thank your stars!

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