Military Retirement Poems

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Military retirement poems are a good way and to take the opportunity to honor our soldiers!

That's because retirement usually comes around only one time.

So don't miss your chance to show appreciation to our soldiers for their service to our country, flag, and freedoms!

If you and I don't say thank you to our soldiers, there's a good possibility that no one else will.

It would be a shame for us to neglect our duty of gratitude and appreciation to the men and women who risk their lives, putting themselves in harm's way, to protect our lives and liberties.

Military Retirement Poems

     by Paul Berchtold, March, 2012

You are welcome to use and share these military retirement poems,
provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

226. Enjoy Your Freedom

You served well the land we cherish,
Under our flag, flying on high,
So our freedoms would not perish,
You have worked hard, willing to die.

Thank you, soldier, for your duty,
It's time for you be stepping down,
Go now enjoy freedom's beauty,
Wear now with pride her golden crown.

227. I Salute You!

I salute you.

My heart beats a little faster,
My hand is raised at attention,
I've got to stand a little straighter,
For you it's more than just a mention.

I salute you.

Your career is coming to an end,
You've served with pride, you've served so well.
What can I say to my dear friend?
What more is there for me to tell?

I salute you.

You stepped up to answer the call.
You were faithful and brave and strong.
You did your best, you gave your all.
Both day and night your whole life long.

I salute you.

Thank you for your dedication,
To this great work you put your hand,
For our country and our nation.
For liberty across the land, ...

I salute you.

228. Leave of Duty

I do believe
You're now on leave,
Which will be long,
So sing a song.

You won't be back,
But don't be slack.
Don't go crazy,
Or be lazy.

You're a soldier,
So be bolder,
To give your best.
Live life with zest.

Be brave and true,
In what you do,
Show one and all,
Your higher call.

Be strong and sure
In God secure,
For by his beams,
You'll reach your dreams.

It is our prayer,
You always care,
And when life's done,
You will have won.

We also pray,
There comes the day,
When all are free
For eternity.

There we will meet,
We'll take our seat,
Forever spend,
With you our friend.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these military retirement poems, provided you follow the
Poem Terms and Conditions.

More Military Retirement Poems

I have written many other military and patriotic poems. Many of these can be used - or adapted - for an appropriate military retirement poem.

A Note to Our Dear Soldiers

Many of you dear soldiers have been wounded in body or soul. Many of you will be scarred for the rest of your lives, with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.

It just doesn't seem fair that you should have served your country so faithfully, and now, it seems, the door to so many opportunities and possibilities is closed for good.

We pray for your health and healing. God can do a miracle on your behalf.

And even if he chooses not to do so in this life, he will do so in heaven. Meanwhile, we pray that your receive every grace and blessing to cope with your pain.

And yes, for sure in heaven, God will make all things new, and take away all your pain and wipe every tear from your eye.

And be your rewar

Thank your stars!

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