Memorial Day Poem
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"Little Boy Dreaming"

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The 9 verses of the Memorial Day poem "Little Boy Dreaming" could be used as appropriate reflections for family and friends of a boy who grows up and becomes a soldier, and who doesn't come back home from war.

It could be used as a tribute to a fallen soldier. It could be used at a funeral or memorial service, in a military tribute, on Memorial Day, or kept as a personal keepsake.

It could be a mother, father, grandparent, family members, classmates, or friends sending off their beloved to heaven.

173. Little Boy Dreaming

     by Paul Berchtold, September, 2011

Little boy dreaming to fight in war,
You found your dream and so much more,
The universe you can explore,
Up in heaven, little one.

Little boy dreaming of planes flying,
Angels saw your last breath dying,
Now we're here gathered crying,
Fly to heaven, little one.

Little boy dreaming, hear the bell,
It slowly tolls with sad farewell,
Until we meet in gladness dwell,
Live in heaven, little one.

Little boy dreaming of far place,
To see the world with happy face,
Now go with angels in God's grace,
Travel heaven, little one.

Little boy dreaming of the fight,
Against evil to bring your might,
You wanted so to make things right.
Win in heaven, little one.

Little boy dreaming of blazing gun,
When the battle's over and done,
All seems empty, for you are gone,
Gone to heaven, little one.

Little boy dreaming, time flew on past,
Your backyard play did not long last,
You quickly grew, grew up so fast,
Play in heaven, little one.

Little boy dreaming, we now thank you,
You were so brave and strong and true
Who can repay for what you're due?
Only heaven, little one.

Little boy dreaming, you've gone so far,
Faith with hope tells us where you are,
How we miss you, our precious star,
Shine in heaven, little one.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

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A Bit about Dreams

Here we are not discussing night dreams, or day dreams, but life dreams, in the way of our goals in life, our destiny.

How important it is for parents and teachers to teach, nurture, foster, and show by example, that our goal, our destiny, is to get to heaven! To have failed in this is to have failed in everything.

True, our earthly dreams can be cut short. (Even the longest life is very short in comparison to eternity.)

But if we have used our life as a careful preparation for heaven, the best and highest of our dreams will be fulfilled way beyond our expectations.

Thank your stars !!!

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