3 Short July 4th Poems
about our Flag and Freedoms

Evergreens and Fiery Sunset
July 4th poems help us celebrate the Independence Day holiday.

The first poem is one of my shortest - just one verse and 14 words long.

It celebrates a patriotic symbol, the American flag. It even has a day of its own - June 14th.

Millions of soldiers have fought under it, many gave their lives fighting for what it stands. It's not the cloth, but what it represents - a united country.

The last line of this poem is a surprise, with a thought-provoking ending.

147. Silent Salute

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

O stars and stripes,
Red, white and blue,
Wave forever!
We died for you.


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This next patriotic poem is about our American freedoms.

149. How Blest We Are

     by Paul Berchtold, June, 2011

How blest we are today,
To live in this our land.
Our wish to God we pray,
Long may Freedom stand!

See our flag now flying,
So many their lives gave,
Hear their final crying,
Long may Freedom wave!

How blest our heritage,
Up mountain down to plain,
From mansion to cottage,
Long may Freedom reign!

What fortune we inherit,
Our ancestors did bring!
They are so full of merit,
Long may Freedom ring!

How blest we are today,
To live in this our land,
Our wish to God we pray,
Long may Freedom stand!


You are welcome to use and share these July 4th poems, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

A July 4th Poem for All of US

This next poem is not just for our soldiers in the military. It is a call to everyone to do their part to preserve and protect our freedoms.

175. Stand Tall

     by Paul Berchtold, September, 2011

Stand tall.
Onward – to heed the call.
Bravely – to give it all.
Stand tall.

Stand proud.
Apart – from all the crowd.
Actions – they speak so loud.
Stand proud.

Stand high.
Listen – to hear the cry.
Freedom – all through the sky.
Stand high.

Stand brave.
Many – their own lives gave.
Duty – more lives to save.
Stand brave.

Stand free.
Freedom – not slavery.
Thank you – for bravery.
Stand free.

Unite – for our dear land.
Thank you – for helping hand.


             Poems by Paul Berchtold
      © Copyright - All rights reserved.

You are welcome to use and share these July 4th poems, provided you follow the Poem Terms and Conditions.

Value Our Freedoms

Freedoms just don't happen. Freedoms just don't last without effort.

We must be grateful for those who worked and sacrificed for our freedoms.

Each one of us must ourselves work and sacrifice, each in his own way, and all of us together, to keep our country truly free.

And we must pray to God for this continued blessing. It can be taken away.

Whether we like it or not, true freedom only comes from God to those who observe his laws.

The Cost of Freedom

We owe much to our ancestors, who either were living here already, or who came from different countries to settle this one.

Native Americans, pioneers, settlers, who helped start a new way of life in a new country.

Besides having to work so hard, many times they had to fight for their freedoms.

We owe much to those who established our country and fought - and many died fighting - for the freedoms we enjoy today.

American poets, authors, and historians have left us a legacy of freedom poems, songs and stories to remind us of our rich American heritage.

That all may be Free

But sadly, even in the history of America, we find that there were people not treated with justice.

For example, it took a long time before slavery was abolished.

Even today, in many countries, there are many people unjustly held in prison, or suffering unjustly. Many of their freedoms have been taken away.

Let us continue to work and pray for the true freedom of all the people in our country and in the entire world.

Freedom is a special gift. May God give, or at least restore, this precious gift to all those who truly want it and are making efforts to deserve it.

We must Cherish our History

American history is not dull by any means - unless the author, teacher, reader or student makes it boring.

There are times of war and peace, and progress and inventions and troubles and disasters.

From the time of the pilgrims and pioneers to the homesteaders and nation-builders to our modern time, there have been many challenges that forged our people and the nation to become better.

We don't face the challenges alone. God who made us provides for us.

The Real Maker of History

Our ancestors just didn't think about history. They were helping to make it every day, just like we should!

Compared to how we live today, for most of them it was very rugged, very challenging.

People had to make great efforts to make a living - besides often fighting for their freedoms. This helped make America great.

Because when the task seemed too great, when hardship and starvation, sickness and death took their toll, our ancestors turned to God in prayer.

And despite the odds, God is the one who makes America truly great.

God has worked many miracles for our country, and he has opened the door to inventions and discoveries and solutions to problems that could truly be called miracles.

As the song America the Beautiful says, "God shed his grace on thee."

Thank your stars!

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